Is It Worth Buying an Old House and Renovating

Is It Worth Buying an Old House and Renovating? Here Are 9 Points To Consider.

If you’ve house hunted before, you know how difficult it is to get decent housing, and the thought of creating your perfect abode by buying and renovating an old house may pop up occasionally.  While acquiring the fixer-upper presents an opportunity to build your dream home with an established foundation, it is not a walk in the park. There are various factors to consider before embarking on...

Is It Smart To Pay For A House In Cash

Is It Smart To Pay For A House In Cash?

If you could afford to buy a house with cash instead of taking on a mortgage, would you? In most cases, living mortgage-free seems enticing because it eliminates the stress of knowing you are in debt. Thus, naturally, this causes people to think putting their cash towards buying their desired property is a great option compared to taking loans or house mortgages. However, is it a smart way to...

How Do You Avoid Buying a Money Pit

How Do You Avoid Buying a Money Pit? Here Are 7 Gotchas.

You should watch the famous Tom Hanks movie, “The Money Pit,” before buying a house. The film is hilarious, but it gives a lucid depiction of what homeowners endure when they acquire a fixer-upper that becomes a money pit. People often prefer buying a fixer-upper since it is cheap and increases in value. However, your house will become a money pit when you buy a house with many structural problems,...

How Long Are You Liable After Selling A House

How Long Are You Liable After Selling A House?

As a seller, state laws require you to disclose crucial information to potential buyers before they make an offer. These laws typically require you to disclose known defects, past repairs, water damage, and more. Despite these disclosures, buyers can sometimes run into unknown issues. Are you liable for these defects? If yes, how long are you liable after selling a house? How Long Are You Liable...

What Makes a House a Money Pit

What Makes a House a Money Pit? Here Are 11 Gotcha’s

Houses are well known to be expensive investments regardless of buying new or used. Sometimes one can pop onto the market for a great deal, but before buying a fixer-upper, there are several warning signs to be on the lookout for, so you can understand all the risks. The following list will lay out some things to look out for before dropping a large lump of money into a possible money...

Are 1930s Houses Well Built

Are 1930’s Houses Well Built?

Are you buying a 1930s house? There are pros and cons to consider. Here's what to look for and what well-built means. The 1930s was a decade of significant change. In the United States, the Great Depression began in 1929 and lasted until about 1939. This period saw the rise of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal programs and the start of World War II. In home construction, the 1930s was a time of...

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