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Is It Smart To Pay For A House In Cash

Is It Smart To Pay For A House In Cash?

If you could afford to buy a house with cash instead of taking on a mortgage, would you? In most cases, living mortgage-free seems enticing because it eliminates the stress of knowing you are in debt. Thus, naturally, this causes people to think putting their cash towards buying their desired property is a great option compared to taking loans or house mortgages. However, is it a smart way to...

How Do You Avoid Buying a Money Pit

How Do You Avoid Buying a Money Pit? Here Are 7 Gotchas.

You should watch the famous Tom Hanks movie, “The Money Pit,” before buying a house. The film is hilarious, but it gives a lucid depiction of what homeowners endure when they acquire a fixer-upper that becomes a money pit. People often prefer buying a fixer-upper since it is cheap and increases in value. However, your house will become a money pit when you buy a house with many structural problems,...

What Makes a House a Money Pit

What Makes a House a Money Pit? Here Are 11 Gotcha’s

Houses are well known to be expensive investments regardless of buying new or used. Sometimes one can pop onto the market for a great deal, but before buying a fixer-upper, there are several warning signs to be on the lookout for, so you can understand all the risks. The following list will lay out some things to look out for before dropping a large lump of money into a possible money...

What Are The Risks Of Buying An Old House

What Are The Risks Of Buying An Old House? Here’s 12 Gotchas

With the higher housing prices, you might consider buying an older house to save money. On average, they cost 10-30% less upfront than new homes. It’s hard to ignore numbers like that. But is it worth it? Older homes may come with costly repairs or renovations. They might not all come with those costs, and the amount you pay will vary. It can still be cheaper than buying a new home. You’ll just...

Is It OK To Buy a 70 Year Old House

Is It OK To Buy a 70 Year Old House?

Buying a house is always a good investment. Owning a home ensures you’ll pay fewer taxes, and a mortgage is usually cheaper than rent. Additionally, it is yours, so you can sell it whenever you want. And you most likely will sell for a profit.  Owning a home gives you a sense of pride and freedom from the stipulations of renting. But is it better to buy a new home or an older dwelling? And if...

Why Do Old People Buy Big Houses

Why Do Old People Buy Big Houses?

While people go through life, they learn what they like and use their money as effectively as possible. However, some people question why old people bother with big houses when they start to age. If they live alone or only with their spouse, they don’t need the additional space for kids. Even though it might seem like they don’t need the space, they purchase large houses for a reason....

Is It Wise To Buy A House In Your 50s

Is It Wise To Buy A House In Your 50s?

If you are 50-something years old, you may wonder if you are too old to buy a house. Some years back, a general assumption was that most people retired at 60 to 65 years old.  Nonetheless, today, many people past 65 are still at work. So, in your 50s, you still have many working years ahead of you, which means more money to invest in home ownership. Once you hit 50, you have likely accumulated...

What Should I Look For When Buying An Old House

What Should I Look For When Buying An Old House?

Old homes are full of charm and history. However, with history, there can sometimes come building issues. Some of these problems can be easy fixes, but others may stop you from buying the house entirely.  The exact issues you should look out for depending on your geographic area and the build date of the house. Plus, the level of maintenance put forth by previous owners makes a big...

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