Should I Add A Bathroom Before Selling? Here Are 10 Points To Consider

Should I Add a Bathroom Before Selling

Are you looking to sell your home in this current market right now? Are you wondering: how can I increase my home’s value?

Should I add a bathroom before selling?

If you want to sell your place for a great price, you may want to add a bathroom to your property.

In the guide below, you will learn all about the reasons why you should consider adding another restroom. You will also find out about the costs associated with building an additional restroom and the lifespan of basic bathroom fixtures.

Should I Add a Bathroom Before Selling?

Should I add a bathroom before selling? While the costs of building an entirely new bathroom can get steep, you are likely to recoup your costs and make a great return on investment (ROI). 

On top of increasing your home resale value, adding a bathroom creates a bigger home and provides more comfort to families, guests, and future home buyers.

10 Reasons You Should Consider Adding a Restroom to Your Home Before Selling It

Whether it’s a second or third bathroom, there are many benefits to adding this functional space.

Here are the top reasons you should consider adding a restroom to your home:

  1. Your home resale value increases
  2. Midrange bathroom additions raise your ROI
  3. Second restrooms attract more home buyers
  4. A large laundry area can be improved with a bathroom
  5. Home buyers love seeing a tub in a second bathroom
  6. A free-standing tub entices home buyers
  7. A luxurious, suite bathroom boosts the ROI the most
  8. An extra bathroom makes the house feel more spacious
  9. Home buyers with children or guests prefer homes with more bathrooms
  10. Gorgeous and modern bathroom features boost home value

Let’s talk about each of these points.

1. Increased Home Resale Value

Many home buyers desire more restrooms when looking for a home. Usually, families with at least one or two children look to buy homes and need the extra restroom to share between their children. As such, an additional bathroom greatly increases a home’s resale value.

Data shows that a bathroom addition, on average, raises the value of your property by at least $20,000. But this increase can become as much as $50,000. 

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2. Midrange Bathroom Addition Will Boost Your ROI

When choosing a midrange bathroom addition, you will find a good return on investment. On average, your ROI is usually around 54 percent. 

The average amount of money you’re likely to spend for a typical midrange bathroom addition is $49,596. If so, you will likely increase your home value by around $76,403. As such, your ROI ends up at $26,807.

3. Second Bathrooms Attract More Home Buyers

Families looking to buy a place are sure to want more than one bathroom. Real estate agents will always tell you that adding a second bathroom to your home is sure to interest more home buyers in your real estate listing. 

Not only will your home sell for a higher value, but it will attract more buyers and potentially lead to a bidding war.

While other people may struggle to sell their homes, your property could generate plenty of interest as a result of a newly-added bathroom.

4. Creating a Functional Mix of a Bathroom and Laundry Room

Do you have a large laundry area with a washer and dryer along with a clothesline that goes on for two dozen feet? If your laundry area is rather large, you can combine the space into a laundry room and a second bathroom. 

Home buyers rarely look for a house with a large laundry area but prefer having two restrooms.

5. Adding a Tub Increases Interest

Does your one bathroom only have a shower? If so, you can make your home look way better to buyers if you add a second bathroom with a tub.

Most buyers like to have at least one tub in their new home. That’s a common desire among families with small children and pets.

If you don’t have space for a separate tub and shower, you can opt for just the tub in the second room or go for a shower bath combo.

6. Adding a Free-Standing Tub Will Entice More House Buyers

To boost home value and entice more home buyers, you should consider adding a free-standing tub instead of an insert one. 

Tub inserts connecting to walls are less expensive than free-standing tubs. However, buyers tend to prefer free-standing tubs as they’re considered elegant and luxurious. Plus, they make aesthetic bathroom centerpieces.

7. Creating a Luxurious, Full Suite Bathroom Provides the Largest ROI

If you want to impress buyers and get the biggest ROI out there, consider making a suite bathroom full of luxurious features. 

For instance, a walk-in closet is sure to get you a hefty bid for your house in the real estate market. However, remember that you don’t want to over-improve your home. Always keep it on par with the rest of the neighborhood.

8. Building an Extra Bathroom Makes the Home Feel More Spacious

With a second bathroom, your home will have a spacious feel, and you will also have more privacy. Your bathroom supplies can have more space, and you won’t have any clutter filling up your only restroom.

Your guests and any older children will benefit from the extra space as well.

9. A Second Bathroom Ensures Home Buyers With Children or Visiting Guests Feel Comfortable in Your Space

With only one bathroom, buyers will feel that their guests won’t have enough comfort and space. However, buyers notice that a second restroom provides a more comfortable environment for their children as well as any visiting guests. 

10. Modern Features in a Bathroom Addition Boosts Home Value

The more you improve your bathroom features, the higher your home value will reach. The most beautiful and modern features will give you a better ROI. Some options for better restroom features include:

  • Adding a double-sink
  • High-end faucet and handles
  • Building a shower and adding a tub together
  • Matching wall and floor tiles for an upscale look

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Costs Associated With a Bathroom Addition

There are different types of bathrooms you can choose when remodeling your home. The estimated costs for these bathrooms are outlined in the table below.

Type of BathroomThe Average Costs
Typical, Midrange Bathroom$47,000
Upscale Bathroom$87,000
Smaller Half-bath$15,000
Powder Room Without Shower$5,000 – $10,000

When Do Bathroom Fixtures Near the End of Their Lifespans?

If you decide to forgo a bathroom addition, you may still need to upgrade the fixtures in your current restroom. You will find that many bathroom fixtures need to get replaced every 15 to 20 years. 

Take a look at the table below to find out the lifespan ranges of sinks, bathtubs, toilets, faucets, and more. 

Bathroom FixturesLifespan Ranges
Stainless Steel Sinks15 to 30 Years
Porcelain Sinks20 to 30 Years
Acrylic Sinks50 Years
Faucets15 to 20 Years
Shower Enclosure50 Years
Shower Head100 Years
Shower Door20 Years
Toilet Tank Components5 Years
Toilet15 to 30 Years
Bathtub10 to 30 Years (Depending on Material)

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Bottom Line

Now, you shouldn’t wonder: should I add a bathroom before selling? You know the clear answer is yes! You will likely get a good ROI when you pursue a bathroom addition and boost your home’s value.

Once you’ve remodeled your home, you’re sure to get tons of home buyers to show up. You may even get a bidding war started after a house renovation.  

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