1945 Sterling House Plans

Sterling house plans for 1945 reflect the architectural styles prevalent before World War II but begin to hint at the changes to come.

These homes are typical of the modest bungalows and minimal traditional style houses that sprouted up in profusion around the US as GIs returned, purchased homes, and started families. Built in tracts by developers and individual property owners hoping to cash in on the hunger for housing, they appeared in clusters and infill.

The Cape Cod

45s cape cod

The Carmen

45s carmen

The Carole

45s carole

The Chevy Chase

45s chevy chase

The Colleen

45s colleen

The Creston

45s creston

The Cromwell

45s cromwell

The Florence

45s florence

The Paramount

45s paramount

The Rosewood

45s rosewood

The Sharon

45s sharon

The Superior

45s superior

The Wayne

45s wayne

The Windsor

45s windsor

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