1927 Brick Houses of Lasting Charm: Common Brick Manufacturers Association of America


There is something about a brick house that ordinary wood frame houses never capture. Even the charm and grace of a wood Craftsman bungalow can’t compete with the sense of timelessness and permanency of a brick home.

An unusual brick pattern, leaded casement windows, a cottage style combine to create what many consider to be the quintessence of the perfect small home.

This small book of vintage plans created during the latter half of the 1920s showcases the variety of small brick home plans that were available at the time. We think they will entertain and inspire you.

The Catalina

27b catalina

The Iroquois

27b iroquois

The Kiowa

27b kiowa

The Makota

27b makota

The Marian

27b marian

The Muscadine

27b muscadine

The Natahla

27b natahla

The Panaca

27b panaca

The Potomac

27b potomac

The Saranac

27b saranac

The Shawnee

27b shawnee

The Sioux

27b sioux

The Swanee

27b swanee

The Tomahawk

27b tomahawk

The Tulsa

27b tulsa

The Wanaque

27b wanaque

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