William A. Radford House Plans: 1925 Home & Fireside

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“Home and Fireside” was published in 1925 by William A. Radford.

It contains only sixteen vintage home plans, but unlike many of the plan books of the 1920s, this one is printed in color and contains not only the plans themselves but interiors, vintage decor, and gardening ideas.

Whether you own a vintage Radford house, want to build a small home, or simply like looking at the illustrations, this little publication will provide plenty of enjoyment.

The Madison

A stucco house with high roof and prominent chimney in the English style. Six fine rooms and two baths are provided. Color sketch shows a downstairs bathroom with recessed tub and walls tiled to the ceiling.


The Magnolia

This bungalow contains five rooms, living and dining rooms and kitchen, and two bedrooms and the bathroom. How these rooms are arranged is shows on the floor plan.

It will also be noticed that the Spanish idea has been carried out by the introduction of a “patio” It is in the nature of a court and is so located that the living room is open on three sides, as is the bedroom at the back of the “patio”.


The Maitland

This is the kind of a home that the big real estate builders are finding most saleable today. It can be built economically.

It contains the livable features which are demanded of the modern American home; and the exterior, especially the street front, makes a decided appeal to the artistic.

When selecting a home design it is well to bear in mind future saleability; and there is a very decided trend today toward these delightful English cottages.


The Malvern

A quaint little stucco home of six rooms with prominent porch for screening and glazing. Color sktech at the left shows a very graceful design in twin beds and window drapes for a bedroom.


The Manor Hill

An economical square type home of Colonial lines.

There are three square bedrooms and bath on the second floor, while downstairs the big living room, connecting dining room and the convenient kitchen take up the space.

The glassed rear porch opening from both dining room and kitchen is a popular part of this home. The color sketch suggests modern draperies and furniture for the library.


The Mansfield

Five roomfuls of convenience and an exterior so articstic that the local artists will all want to set up their easels in front of it! The best part of it too, is that this artistic charm costs no money, but adds greatly to the selling value of this house! Color sketch suggests interesting interior for the big living room.


The Mapleton

A Colonial home of hospitable air and containing six fine rooms, is presented herewith. The color sketch shows attractive furnishings for the large dining room.


The Marlboro

An English house of eight rooms very cleverly arranged. Prominent gables and roof dormers set the style for this design. Color sketch shows appropriate furnishings for the large sunroom.


The Marquette

An interesting cottage of English ancestry with shingled side walls and a quaint assortment of gables. The room arrangement is really very practical presenting six rooms and bath besides the large sun porch. The color sketch shows decoration scheme for one of the bedrooms.


The Marshall & Manhattan

The Marshall (top) shows an arrangement of this six-room and sun-parlor home of Dutch Colonial design.

The Manhattan (below) shows an arrangement of this narrow lot English house of six rooms.


The Mayfield

A home of distinction and charm in the English manner is pictured here. The floor plans show a delightful modern arrangment of three rooms on each floor.

Where many small houses fail is in cramping too much the size of vestibule and stair hall. The distinguished proportions of this important part of the Mayfield are illustrated in the color sketch.


The Medford & Marysville

The Medford (top) is a narrow lot house, 24 by 35 feet, seven rooms.

The Marysville (below) is a story-and-a-half cottage of six rooms.


The Melrose

A delightful brick cottage in the English style with four rooms, including bedroom and bath, downstairs and two bedrooms and bath above. The color sketch shows the dainty and convenient breakfast nook which is part of the kitchen.


The Miami

A Spanish design of unique charm, featuring two wonderful window groups and an inviting entrance. Inside is a modern bunglow with three bedrooms, two baths, a large living room, a delightful dining room and a convenient kitchen.

The color sketch shows interesting interior treatment of the fireplace—bookcase end of the livingroom.


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