Aladdin House Plans for 1961

61aladdin cover

The 1961 Aladdin catalog reflects the trends of the early 1960s in this catalog. Most of the homes are “modern” and heavily influenced by the California ranch style.

Carports and garages are often attached. Most plans are a single level, but designed with basements in mind.

Practical as ever, these Aladdin homes reflect the optimism of the period without compromising the functionality or craftsmanship. Millions of this home style were built.

The 1960s homes have a new cachet with the latest generation of home buyers who enjoy the retro, modern feel of many of these small homes now termed Atomic Ranch. to the left is the 1961 set of plans, below is the additions for 1962.

The Alamo


This modern, hip roof design is available in three floor plans, any one of which will result in the appearance as shown in above picture. Note the large scenic window with side lights which harmonize with the horizontal lights in all other windows.

The brick work in front is a separate planter and may be omitted without detracting from the appearance of this charming home. The outside walls are illustrated with shake shingles. You may have 8” siding if you prefer.

The Ambassador


The natural beauty of Redwood vertical boarding combined with your choice of paint color for the bevel siding provides a pleasing contrast for the exterior of this home. Excellent planning is the keynote – each plan has a central hall giving direct access to all rooms from the kitchen. Plan No. 1 is designed with three bedrooms while Plan No. 4 has four bedrooms.

The Austin


This home is a striking example of the latest trends in modern home styling . It is designed for use on a narrow lot, priced without siding for brick veneer. (We do not include the brick.) 8” Redwood vertical boarding which can be finished natural or painted with your choice of color is included for the front wall as shown.

If you wish to use siding or shingles on the entire exterior. The carport provides protection for your car in inclement weather and is included in our price. Plan No. 1 has an excellent kitchen.

Note the open living-dining arrangement in Plan No. 2 with large scenic windows at front and side. Each plan has three roomy bedrooms with large closets.

The Brentwood


Illustrated in brick veneer (which we do not furnish), here is a home of impressive beauty. If you wish to use siding or shake shingles, we will gladly quote the additional cost . Four plans are shown providing your choice of a two-bedroom, three-bedroom, or four-bedroom home. Note the large kitchen-dining combination in three of the plans.

The Brighton


An ultra modern design with two convenient entries at the front, one giving direct access to the living area and bedroom wing and one leading to the kitchen and basement.

The ceiling in the living area – front entry, living room, family room, and kitchen – will follow the contour of the roof with an exposed beam running thru the center of this entire section at peak of roof.

The family room is complete with sliding glass doors which open onto a rear terrace or garden. Insulating glass in front wall of living room.

The Bristol


The Bristol is an ever popular design from the standpoints of beauty, conveniences, and economy. Stair to expansible attic and subfloor for attic furnished in Plans C and D.

The Canyon


This modern plan is designed with a fresh, radiant exterior. The front porch provides shelter for the front door which is accented by a long light of glass at the left of the door. The spacious living room is well-lighted with large scenic window in the front, and horizontal sliding windows at the side and rear.

There’s good circulation from the kitchen-family room through a central hall leading to the three generous-sized bedrooms. Plenty of closet space is available, too. While one bathroom serves all three bedrooms, a lavatory with shower has been placed near the family room and kitchen for convenience.

The Catalina


This skillfully planned home is illustrated in brick veneer (which we do not furnish) but it is equally as attractive finished with siding or shake shingles.

The Clarksdale


Indoor-outdoor living reaches a peak of well-organized efficiency in this ranch plan. The rear door is placed to give direct access to your patio from the living room or family room. Large scenic windows in the family room and living room overlook the patio.

The popular family room has become essential in today’s mode of living. Its location at the rear affords privacy but is convenient to every part of the home. The kitchen with its front outlook is a refreshing change, and cabinet arrangement is planned for utmost convenience.

Plans No. 3 and No. 4 offer the economy of smaller size without the family rooms.

The Clifton


Designed for ultimate living in an economy of space. “A place for everything” is the rule our Aladdin designers used in planning this home. Plan No. 1 even provides for that long-desired broom closet.

The use of brick on the front (optional), ornamental supports for the canopy, and the removable “snap-on” grids for the glide window add distinctive finishing touches. 8” bevel siding is the suggested exterior although cedar shakes can be substituted.

The Clinton


Designed for spacious and comfortable living. The covered porch is not only a mark of beauty but protects the front entrance from the weather. In the three bedroom Plan 1, note the dining area with floor-to-ceiling window and living room in the rear overlooking the garden.

The Cornell


This gracious tri-level home presents the utmost in living comfort. Although the exterior walls of the front of the first and second levels are shown in brick veneer, we furnish siding for that portion at the list price. If you intend to use brick veneer as illustrated.

The vestibule, with twin closets, leads directly to all rooms in the house, as does the rear entrance. No partition materials are included for the first level.

The Coronado


Lovely to look at – a joy to live in! Original in form and entrancing in detail is the Coronado with its contrasting exterior treatment. It offers a splendid opportunity for individual expression in color combinations. Note the hooded entrance with its beautiful wood lattice supports. Two convenient floor plans.

The Coronet


This home is a “natural” for a narrow lot. You have your choice of a two-bedroom or three-bedroom plan. The central hall in Plan No. 1 provides access to all rooms. Plan No. 3 offers the popular kitchen-dining room.

The Del Ray


The enduring beauty in the graceful lines of this creation gives distinction and lasting charm to your home. Study the floor plans and note the many desirable features incorporated into this lovely home.

The Denver


The beauty of simplicity is portrayed in our lovely Denver. You have a choice of a three bedroom plan with separate diner or a four bedroom plan with combined kitchen-diner.

The Dexter


Here is a contemporary design for the young homemaker. The straight, rectangular shape is designed for economy; the popular low pitched roof and wide eaves add a touch of modern styling.

This house is available in two sizes, one a two bedroom and the other a three bedroom, to meet your individual needs and budget. The kitchen in each plan is designed for convenience and efficiency with ample dining space for a young family.

Glide windows are furnished to permit maximum versatility in your room arrangement. The decorative planter at the front is built of masonry, to be furnished by owner. It can be omitted or added later, if desired.

The El Rancho


This home is a Modern Beauty. We have included siding where stone is on front wall. If you plan to use stone, allowance will be quoted for omission of siding.

The Embassy


An architectural masterpiece designed for brick veneer. Note the convenient entry, central hall, full bath and lavatory. Siding quoted for exterior on request.

The Evanston


The entrance of this charming home is ideal for use on a corner lot or narrow lot. The scalloped vertical boarding as shown in the gables and the horizontal siding on the body makes possible a wide range of color combinations.

In Plan No. 1, the center bedroom is planned so you may use it as a utility room. Both plans have an excellent kitchen arrangement with dining space incorporated.

The Forest Hill


To the economy of the rectangular floor plan has been added the elegance of a front projection. This feature offers additional floor space and a sheltered entrance as well as adding a mark of distinction that spells “home” instead of merely “house”. Stone-work (optional) and the ornamental post present a most inviting front entrance.

Two floor plans are available for the utmost in style – economy – livability. The kitchen in Plan No. 1 is large enough to allow the luxury of a scenic window in the dining area. The kitchen in Plan No. 2 permits the use of popular U-shaped cabinets. Note the large closets in both plans.

The Foreston


This attractive tri-level with wide overhang offers a pleasant contrast in building materials. Siding is included where brick is shown on first level. Allowance quoted for omitting siding, on request. No materials furnished for partitioning on first level.

Colors, soft, muted, complemented, lend zest and life to the modern bathroom. Convenience coupled with pleasing colors, is the demand of the modern homemaker. With the wide range of timeless colors, many beautiful combinations can help you discover the natural beauty of your home.

The Friendship


The simple, well proportioned lines of this design make it truly a “friendly” home. The Plan 1 includes the carport and tool storage which can be omitted and credit given you, if you prefer. These extra features are not included in the Plan 3 but will be provided at an additional cost.

The Fulton


Two excellent plans are shown below – packed with values – generous room sizes, lavatory, vestibule, and many closets. Notice the striking contrast in the use of vertical boarding and bevel siding.

The Glen Cove


Eight inch vertical boarding combined with bevel siding and wide shakes in your choice of color present a most attractive appearance.

Entrance ideally planned for use on a corner lot, or facing the narrow end to the street, the Glen Cove is equally adaptable for a narrow lot. You will enjoy a “lot of living” in this home.

The Glenview


The suggested combination of brick veneer and Redwood Vertical Boarding on this house, combined with wide protecting eaves and gable exposures, make it a welcome addition to any locality. The list price includes vertical boarding where brick is shown.

Every bit of space in this “compact beauty” has been utilized to provide two floor plans, each with plenty of closet space and a central hall. The short glide windows afford increased usable wall space underneath them. Here is a modest house which achieves the maximum of home comfort, convenience and utility.

The Graystone


Aladdin designers have created this charming home to be equally attractive whether constructed the narrow or long way facing the street.

Note the effective contrast achieved by use of vertical boarding on front of living room wing. A most desirable convenience is the vestibule connecting with central hall, providing access to every room in the house.

The Grenada


Following the graceful lines of the western ranch home, the front entry opens into either the living or sleeping quarters. The lavatory, close to rear entrance provides last-word convenience.

Floor-to-ceiling windows in the living and family rooms ad a modern sunlit feature. Plan No. 1 can be furnished with 2-car garage.

The Hollywood


The virtues of good modern styling are shown in this simply detailed ranch home. The dining room in Plan No. 1 can be easily converted to a fourth bedroom. Further details and price on this change will be furnished on request.

The Jasmine


A modest home with exterior beauty and balance, and an interior arranged for comfort, convenience and efficiency – a home you can be proud of.

The Kingsbury


A distinctive story and one half design. Brick veneer on lower portion, optional. Siding quoted on request.

The Manhasset


Though moderate in size, the Manhasset is thoroughly modern and splendidly proportioned in every detail. The living room, bedrooms and kitchen all have well placed windows affording cross-ventilation.

The covered entrance opens into a vestibule with coat closet and arch leading to the living room of both plans. The bedrooms and bath are separated from the living room by a convenient hall. Generous wall space in the living room is accomplished by use of a 28 x 16 mullion window in the end wall. A fireplace could be located in this end wall if desired.

Five and six closets offer good storage facilities. Select the floor plan which meets your individual needs.

The Monterey


A purely conventional home incorporating all of the modern conveniences. Siding is furnished where brick veneer is shown. The expansive living rooms in both floor plans have beautiful front and rear views thru the large scenic windows. Price on the Plan 1 includes finishing second floor as shown. Price on Plan 2 includes stairway and subfloor only. Finish materials quoted if desired.

The Oakland


The exterior of this friendly home combines true Colonial charm with ranch styling. What could be more inviting than an Early American front door flaked by shutters and the large bay window? The Plan 1 offers three large bedrooms and the Plan 2, four bedrooms. Both plans incorporate the popular dining-kitchen combination.

The Orlando


In this modern design, Aladdin has glamorized the exterior with the charm of herring-bone pattern in the front gables. The contemporary “family room,” located between the kitchen and living room, makes possible visiting with the family while the homemaker prepares meals or performs her other household duties.

It can also double for a dining room for formal entertaining. Note the central hall which gives access to every room in the house. This is a step-saving arrangement for the entire family.

A lavatory is conveniently located to the kitchen and rear entrance thru the garage—a “must” for children coming in from play or for the home gardener. This is truly a home of distinction, suitable for city or country living.

The Palomar


Artistic in its simple details, the Palomar is available in four floor plans, each of which provides maximum livability. Shake shingles are furnished where brick is shown.

The Pasadena


A home that can be placed either way on your lot. Frontage required can be as narrow as forty feet, or when placed the long way on your site, can still occupy a fifty foot lot. In the Plan 1, note especially the entry which gives access to every room in the house.

A convenient coat closet near front door is provided in both floor plans. The large, floor-to-ceiling scenic window can be interchanged with the mullion window in the living room, if you prefer.

Here is a compact home designed for the small family but incorporating all of the living qualities of the large family ranch style.

The Pinecrest


A wealth of convenience has been engineered into this design. Se how all rooms in Plan No. 2 are accessible from the vestibule and central hall.

The Plaza


One of our most popular models. Notice the covered entrance and front projection enhanced by the large scenic window and use of stone. Shakes are furnished where stone is shown on front. A three bedroom and four bedroom plan are available.

The Preston


The unusual porch and large scenic window presents a hint of luxury in this compact home. Notice this floor plan offers you a family kitchen, generous living room and bedrooms, combining comfort and convenience. Its style is outstanding.

The Redwood


Four floor plans, four sizes – all within the budget of young homemakers. The combination of siding and vertical boarding in barn red emphasizes the New England trend but you may select any other color you wish. Also, you may have all horizontal siding if you prefer.

The Rio Grande


This beautifully proportioned structure features the ever popular sweeping gables and shielded front entrance. Wide scenic windows face both the front and rear terrace and garden. Siding is included where stone is shown on front wall.

The Riviera


Privacy is the theme of this design with secluded garden court. Note the many large closets in separate bedroom wing. Expansive scenic windows at the front and rear of the family room provide and open look.

Although brick veneer is shown on the garage front, bedroom wing front, and sidewalls facing the court, our price includes siding. If you intend to use masonry for this area.

The Royton


Here is a house that will never grow old. It is of such simple, charming design that it is not likely to be outmoded by the passage of time. Surprisingly spacious for its overall size, there are two two-bedroom plans and one three bedroom, each with adequate closet space. For a quality home of traditional styling, the Royton cannot be equalled.

The Santa Fe


This home is fascinating in its simplicity, and because of the rectangular design, it is also economical to build. While the large chimney adds charm, its construction is optional. Two floor plans are shown here – one with three bedrooms and one with two bedrooms.

The Saratoga


Illustration shows a sill high brick veneer combined with wide shakes for contrast. Price includes shakes where brick is shown.

The Shady Lane


Truly contemporary styling at its finest has been accomplished in the Shady Lane. The centrally located living room, readily accessible from all other rooms is an important, step-saving feature to the homemaker.

The Sharlear


Supremely good taste was employed by our designers when they formulated the Sharlear. It is an architectural gem, clean in line, with a simple beauty. Two sizes are illustrated. These plans merit the closest study which will result in highest approval of the skill of the designers.

Thoughtful consideration has been given the comfort and needs of the family. Well-proportioned rooms, ample closet space, and step-saving placement of communicating rooms testify to the values of the Sharlear. The low pitch roof, wide eave projection, sheltered entrance, and extended gables mark this home as one of Aladdin’s “Best.”

The Sylvan


This home is modest in size, perfect for a small family, and you receive the same high quality materials as furnished with our largest homes. You have your choice of two or three bedroom floor plans, and while Plans No. 1 and No. 3 show a basement stair, Plan No. 2 has a utility room so you can build without a basement.

The Topeka


Our designers have incorporated a wealth of desirable features into this home. The recessed-for-privacy patio is accessible from either the family room or rear hall. The large scenic window in the family room overlooks the patio. Both plans have full bath plus a conveniently located lavatory. Plan No. 1 has a single garage, while Plan No2 has a double garage.

The Tulane


The modern tri-level home shown here is adaptable for a level lot as well as for a sloping one. No materials are furnished for the interior of the first level, permitting you to incorporate your own needs and desires. The second, or ground level, contains a spacious living room, dining room and well-planned kitchen. Eight steps lead up to the three bedrooms and bath.

The Ventura


This Western ranch style home with its low hip roof, three good size bedrooms and large living area, is one of our most popular designs. Its exterior beauty and convenient layout meets the desires of any family.

Shown above is an alternate plan for the Number One arrangement. You will note there is a half bath – lavatory and toilet. This is available in Plan One and plan Three only, at a slight additional cost, and is accomplished by reducing the width of the kitchen-dining room approximately four feet.

The Vernon


The use of exterior plywood with batten boards captures the charm and flavor of early New England, yet indoors, modern planning prevails. Notice that all rooms revolve around the main entry and inner hall. Plan No. 1 is designed for those who do not wish a basement. An excellent kitchen arrangement, secluded living room, and popular family room make this home a treasure in home planning.

Here are two additional plans of the Vernon – one three bedroom and one four bedroom. Both plans are designed with basement stair. Two lavatories and bath have been added for convenience-plus.


The Vinewood


Economical – Compact Traditional! The Vinewood offers maximum living in a moderate overall size. You have a choice of the two bedroom Plan 1 with the sun room–dining combination, or the three bedroom Plan 2 with adequate dining room.

Both plans boast a convenient vestibule with coat closet and large scenic window in the living room,. The picture shows the popular shake shingles on the vestibule and siding on the main body of house. You may have all shakes or all siding if you prefer. This is an attractive, practical plan when building with a limited budget.

The Wilmington


This beautifully simple home is priced with stairway, subfloor, and windows for the second floor.

The Wilshire


Convenience and practicality are packed into this design. Kitchen and dining room can be combined by omitting the partition.

The Winslow


The Winslow greets you with dramatic styling through the use of bevel siding and 8” vertical boarding – and when painted in your choice of colors, presents a home of unusual character. You can select either the three bedroom plan or four bedroom plan. See how the inner corridor in Plan No. 1 connects each room – and imagine, there are seven closets in Plan No. 1 and nine in Plan No. 2.

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