Liberty Homes for 1939 by Lewis Manufacturing

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Liberty Homes were manufactured by Lewis Manufacturing Company of Bay City, Michigan. They were direct competitors of Aladdin and Sterling, also located in Bay City. Lewis produced much the same style of home offering the same ready cut construction.

Lewis began selling homes in 1913 and sold 60,000 over the course of its 60 year history. Lewis Manufacturing went bankrupt in 1973.

The Ashland

l ashland d
l ashland p

“The charm of this model home, its delightful homelike quality, does not depend upon elaborate, costly features, but is the result of good proportions in every detail – The interior plan is in keeping with the attractive exterior.

The large comfortable rooms, cheerful fireplace and pleasant porch, leave little to be desired. The downstairs bedroom is a feature many desire, and upstairs there are the two additional bedrooms easily accessible to the bathroom.

Ample closet space is provided with individual closets for each of the three bedrooms and convenient guest closet off the vestibule entrance. Shingles are furnished for the sidewalls or siding will be substituted for the sidewall shingles as explained in the detail specifications. Height of ceilings 8 feet, both floors.”

The Brighton

l brighton d
l brighton p

“If you have had in mind that when you eventually built a home it would be one that was cosy-looking, with a latticed porch on which you could sit and while away the long summer evenings, you will find in the Brighton your heart’s desire. And you can depend upon it that passersby will gaze with envious eye – because here is indeed a home of outstanding attractiveness.

One of the features contributing to its beauty is the plain matched siding in the porch gable, which contrasts with the double-lapped shingles on the sidewalls. At the same time, the circular window and the slatted Colonial blinds add an ornamental touch that is decidedly pleasing.

A generous size living room, with large windows to make it light and airy, is another feature that makes the Brighton unusually desirable. Then, too, each of the bedrooms has a clothes closet, and there is an extra closet off the hall for the storage of linens. All of the rooms have a ceiling height of 8 feet.

And don’t overlook the convenient kitchen arrangement, with a sink at one end of the windows, a breakfast nook at the other and a cabinet in style C-5 or C-6 along the rear wall.”

The Cambridge

l cambridge d
l cambridge p

“One cannot help but admire the beauty, refinement and restfulness of this lovely design. With its graceful entrance treatment, and the soft gray shingle sidewalls, blending in perfectly with the general exterior design, it is a home that is highly desirable in any locality.

Here, indeed, is a home that invites home ownership. In selecting the Cambridge you obtain the perfect combination of an unusually attractive exterior and an ideal interior plan, all at an astonishing low cost.

Height of ceilings first floor 8’6”, second floor 8’0”. Front door design No. 9 as shown.”

The Castlewood

l castlewood d
l castlewood p

“The Castlewood is a design which proves that you do not need a lot of money to own the kind of a home that meets all your needs for comfort and appearance as well as sturdiness. Notice the splendid large living room, the roomy bedrooms, each with its own closet. In Plan A you have the convenient linen closet located handy to the bathroom. Height of ceilings 8 feet.

Shingles for the sidewalls, your choice of either brown or gray stain. Front door design No. 10. Upper sash all windows divided lights. Ornamental shutters for all front and side windows. If you wish to order the Castlewood without the shutters the credit will be $4.00 per pair.”

The Clinton

l clinton d
l clinton p

importance of good architectural service in the building of a modest home is demonstrated clearly in the Clinton. Here you have a design whose proportions are perfect in every detail, giving the exterior that attractive appearance which is always admired but so rarely obtained in the small home.

The Clinton is available in two sizes as shown, Plan A being 20’x28’ and Plan B 28’x24’. Gray stain is furnished for sidewall shingles. All windows have the divided top and bottom sash as shown. Ornamental blinds furnished for front windows. Front door design 10. Porch floor and outside steps cement. Height of ceilings 8 feet.”

The Columbia

l columbia d
l columbia p

“The Columbia is a type of home that has proved its merit and economy over a period of years. It is a design that is in good taste in any community and one that offers a maximum of room area at a minimum cost.

The large attic space is a feature that is especially desirable as it provides ample space for two extra bedrooms should they be needed. In Plan C the stairway to the attic is furnished leading up from the living room with the attic flooring being furnished. In Plans A and B this feature can be had at an additional cost which will be quoted on request.

Height of ceilings first floor 8’6”. Height of attic at center 9 ½ feet.”

The Concord

l concord d
l concord p

“To look at the pleasant exterior design and to visit its well-arranged interior, no one would guess that the Concord is priced as low as the figure shown on our price list.

The Concord is a charming home that offers you the choice of two good plans with large, comfortable rooms with generous closet space. Plan A is arranged with a grade cellar stairway. In Plan B the grade entrance addition should be used when a cellar stairway is desired.

In the Concord every inch of space is used to good advantage, and whichever plan you choose, you will have a home that will give you much more satisfaction than your money could buy anywhere else.

And here’s another thing in its favor – the roomy attic can easily be finished off to make another bedroom.

Shingles are furnished for the sidewalls with gray creosote stain for two full brush coats. These shingles are guaranteed to give satisfactory service for 25 years. Shutters and flower boxes furnished as shown. Height of ceilings 8’6”.”

The Cornell

l cornell d
l cornell p

“For attractiveness in outward appearance and convenience in interior arrangement, it would be difficult to find a home more appealing than the charmingly designed Cornell.

Departing from the more conventional square or rectangular type of house, its jutting front and outward extending living room give it a distinguished appearance that is seldom found except in much more expensive homes.

The slatted Colonial shutters and the front gable, with its circular window set off by a background of plain matched siding, combine to contribute to the exterior a touch of distinction, while the double layer and 12-inch exposure of the shingles on the sidewall creates an effect that is unusually pleasing.

When you study the floor plan, you will be immediately impressed by the size of the living room. Measuring 18 feet in length and 12 feet in width, it provides ample room not only for an abundance of chairs and occasional tables, but also for a grand piano. This room, as well as all of the others, has a full ceiling height of 8 feet.

Among the other notable features are a large guest closet off the vestibule, a clothes closet in each of the bedrooms, and a linen closet opening off the hallway.”

The Delaware

l delaware d
l delaware p

“It is easy to see why the Delaware is a big favorite with home-builders everywhere. In appearance, arrangement and size of rooms – it is an ideal home for the average family. The big porch is very convenient.

There is also the advantage of the large attic space which can be finished off any time later on to five two additional bedrooms at a very small cost. If you desire a home that will give you a great deal of comfort and convenience at very low cost, then we heartily recommend the Delaware.

Two floor plans are offered. Plan A gives a living room and good wall space, a dining room kitchen, two roomy bedrooms each with its own closet, a bathroom, hall and grade cellar stairs.

Plan B has three well arranged bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, two closets, a bathroom, hall and cellar stairs. Prices include 20’x7’ porch as shown. Height of ceilings 8’6”.”

The Dover

l dover d
l dover p

“In the Dover you have an unusually good-looking home, perfectly suited to the needs of the average family. Economical to build and maintain, it deserves your careful consideration. The rooms are all large and comfortable.

The kitchen is of a size that will provide ample space for dining. The white shingled sidewalls and all exterior trim in white gives a very delightful effect. You have your choice, however, of the color of paints and stains you prefer.

Height of ceilings 8 feet.”

The Edmund

l edmund d
l edmund p

“The attractive simplicity of design which characterizes the Edmund makes it the ideal type of home for those whose taste in architecture leans toward the simple and dignified rather than the ornate.

With the shingles stained white, and the Colonial slatted shutters in a pleasing shade of brown, the effect is highly entrancing. The color combination may, of course, be varied, according to the taste of the individual purchaser, as we supply both paint and stain in any color desired.

Differing from many of the other Liberty Homes in floor plan, this model has a living room lighted by three windows, one at the front, and two at the sides. Besides being unusually large, the living room has another feature that you cannot help but appreciate – a convenient closet at the rear for guest wraps.

Each of the bedrooms also has its own individual closet, and there is still another closet off the hall which can be used either for clothing or for linens, as desired.

A notable feature, seldom found except in large size houses, is the dining alcove, located between the living room and the kitchen.

Imagine this cosy room daintily furnished with a modern dining set, and with bright colored curtains on the window! Could you think of anything that would contribute more to making every mealtime an occasion to be looked forward to?

Now glance at the convenient kitchen arrangement! On one side, in a recessed nook, space is provided for a range and a refrigerator, while on the opposite side you can have a cabinet arrangement like C-4. With everything arranged to best advantage, hers is truly a step saving kitchen!

If you are planning on a moderately priced home, and yet one that has every modern feature, we commend this model to your careful consideration.”

The La Salle

l lasalle d
l lasalle p

“Here is a delightful five-room home that has met with enthusiastic acceptance among home builders everywhere. It is a design that seems to portray the suburban neighborhood of happy, contented home owners.

Among the world’s riches there are a few whose value cannot be reckoned in terms of dollars and cents.

Not the least of these is that deep satisfaction which comes from home-ownership – the knowledge that in your name stands the title to a cottage on a quiet street – a yard, a garden of beautiful flowers – a refuge from the eternal pursuit of business – a home, within which you will find most of the joy and happiness that this life offers.

The LaSalle has the typical colonial entrance in the center, balanced with the attractive grouping of three windows and flower box on each side. On the end is the pleasant porch.

Note the exceptionally large, well-proportioned living room. A fireplace may be constructed without any sacrifice to the present convenient arrangement as shown below.

All in all the LaSalle is about as perfectly designed a bungalow as any home builder could wish for. It gives just the right combination of coziness with roominess, comfort and handsome appearance, and its low price will be the most welcome surprise of all. Height of ceilings, either plan 9 feet.”

The Lafayette

l lafayette d
l lafayette p

“This artistic bungalow has always appealed to those who want a large well-planned home yet must keep the cost down as low as possible. Although the Lafayette has considerable floor space, much real comfort and genuine charm, it is priced so amazingly low that many people ask us how we do it.

Certainly they find no signs of economizing in the quality or quantity of materials, no skimping anywhere. The economy is achieved in our own plant management. You enjoy the perfect fruit of our efforts – a home that fulfills your most cherished dreams; at several hundred dollars less than you expected to pay.

Plan A offers six rooms and bath with the cellar stairs conveniently located leading down from the hall and near the kitchen. Plan B provides two bedrooms and bath besides the living room, dining room, and kitchen.

For the sidewall shingles a rich brown shingle stain is furnished with white paint for all outside trim. This home is equally attractive entirely in white.

Height of ceilings 8’6”.”

The Mayfair

l mayfair d
l mayfair p

“Seldom will you find a home that can compare with the Mayfair from the standpoint of an attractive exterior combined with a well-planned interior. In fact, it is hard to imagine how either one could be improved to add a higher degree of beauty or a greater degree of convenience than has been attained in this superbly modern home.

With double-lap shingles accentuating the breadth of its 30 ft. front, and with slatted Colonial shutters, to lend a touch of color and contrast, the Mayfair cannot but excite the admiration of all who have an eye for beauty. Everyone who sees it is immediately filled with the desire to own it.

Glance at the floor plan and observe what a large living room the Mayfair provides. Then look at the kitchen and see how a series of cabinets (Style C-4) can be arranged along the right-hand side, with the sink and work-table in the center, directly in front of the window. And do not overlook the cosy dining-alcove, just ot the left, with a recessed space for a china cabinet.

You will like the convenient location of the bathroom—between the two bedrooms—and also the provision for a closet in each bedroom, with an extra guest closet off the vestibule. In fact, the more carefully you study the Mayfair, the more delighted you will be with its completeness in every way.”

The Nantucket

l nantucket d
l nantucket p

“Planned on traditional lines of early New England architecture and accommodated to the requirements of present-day living, this prize-winning Cape Cod cottage is a perfect example of sane, efficient planning. Although compact, it has ample floor space with the rooms arranged to afford the privacy all too often lacking in small houses.

Economical planning should, and in the Nantucket does, provide for the matter or low upkeep as well as original building cost. Having eight-foot ceilings on both floors, it is easy to heat.

The attached garage is a particularly desirable feature from the standpoint of construction and design as well as convenience. Aside from being a perfect, practical plan, it is also a hospitable little home and a sound and readily salable investment.”

The Newport

l newport d
l newport p

“This handsome and distinctive Cape Cod Colonial home has won for itself a place high in the esteem of home builders everywhere. With an exterior as delightful as the Newport it is not surprising to find the interior arrangement equally as desirable – A large living room, four light airy bedrooms all convenient to the bathroom.

One corner of the large kitchen will provide ample space for dining. Since the Newport has such a complete, comfortable living arrangement on the first floor, an alternate plan is offered which provides for an unfinished attic in place of the regular 2nd floor plan.

Should you need only 2 bedrooms at present you can build the “Newport Alternate Plan” now and then finish the upstairs later. Height of ceilings, both floors, 8 feet.”

The Pilgrim

l pilgrim d
l pilgrim p

“This beautiful bungalow has a host of friends, and is indeed worth of their admiration. Its exterior shows a distinct character or its own, but the inside arrangement of rooms in each of the two floor plans, the placing of the windows, the closets, all have the solid, substantial virtues that make a home practical to live in.

The Pilgrim is a perfect example of how it is possible to have the desirable features of the more expensive homes at a low cost.

Two floor plans are offered, Plan A with two bedrooms and plan B three bedrooms. In plan A the living room extends across the entire front and if you desire a fireplace, an ideal place for it would be in the left wall where the single window is now located.

Should you intend to build a fireplace we will omit this window and furnish two smaller casement windows, one for each side of the fireplace, at a small extra cost.

You have only to examine the floor plans of the Pilgrim to see how well family’s needs have been provided for. You have only to read the complete Liberty specifications to know that the materials are all of the finest quality and that the sound, durable construction will insure your satisfaction in this wonderful home throughout the years to come.

Height of ceilings, 8 feet 6 inches.”

The Regent

l regent d
l regent p

“Few homes possess such a quiet, graceful dignity as this very desirable two-story Colonial design. The clean lines of the Regent with wide siding and shuttered windows make it most attractive to the eye.

Modern treatment to the exterior is attained by the matched V-Joint siding used on the front wall down to the sills of the second story windows.

The compact plan of the Regent has been laid out to provide every modern comfort and al at a cost that will come well within the means of the average family – The generous size living room with porch at the rear, ample closet space and the tree light, airy bedrooms and bath all opening off the cheerful hall leaves nothing to be desired. Height of ceilings, both floors, 8 feet.”

The Richmond

l richmond d
l richmond p

“Exterior design makes for desirability and determines the true value of a home equally as much as the interior arrangement. In the Richmond, a true Cape Cod Colonial design, you have a home with an exterior that is perfect to the smallest detail, and an interior arrangement that provides the maximum in comfort and convenience.

There is something quite satisfying and restful about the Richmond with its shingled sidewalls, the formal entrance, quaint dormers, shuttered windows.

The floor plan is of a well established and popular type, having the entrance in the center, a large living room on one side opening onto the attractive side porch, and on the other side the dining room and kitchen. Notice the attractive side porch, and on the other side the dining room and kitchen.

Notice the attractive bay window in the dining room with its built-in window seat. Adjoining the large kitchen and handy to the living room is the rear entry and down-stairs toilet.

The open stairway leads up out of the vestibule to a roomy, well-lighted hall upstairs which connects with the three bedrooms and bath. Although shingles are regularly furnished for the sidewalls, siding would be in good taste and will be furnished if desired. Height of ceilings, both floors, 8 feet.”

The Senator

l senator d
l senator p

“The Senator, a typical American bungalow design is genuine prize winner. The wide roof with the attractive dormer, the inviting porch, contribute their share to the excellent proportions of this popular bungalow. Two floor plans are offered.

Plan A having five rooms, two of which are bedrooms while Plan B has six rooms with three bedrooms. In Plan A you will find the entrance hall with its guest closet for outer wraps. The living room has an abundance of light and the wide archway connecting with the dining room gives it added roominess and brightness.

The two big bedrooms (each with its own closet) and the bathroom open off the hallway giving the side of the house much desired privacy. The cellar stairway leads down from the kitchen very handy to the rear door.

Plan B is arranged with three splendid bedrooms in addition to the well proportioned living room, dining room and kitchen. Each bedroom has its own closet. The bathroom is conveniently located in the rear off of the hall which connects with the two bedrooms and dining room.

To provide access to the cellar the grade entrance addition should be used. For the man who desires a modest home we know of no better investment than the Senator. Height of ceilings 8’6”.”

The Sheridan

l sheridan d
l sheridan p

“Right before you is positive proof that you can combine beauty and practicability in a home of modest cost. Few homes offer so much comfort and satisfaction. Its artistic exterior gives a distinct impression of quality, enhanced by the pleasing roof lines and wide, hospitable porch.

And inside, the Sheridan fulfills all the promises of its handsome exterior. The rooms in all three plans are spacious, conveniently arranged, comfortable. Plan A and B each have five splendid rooms, living room, dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen; also closets and bathroom.

In Plan A the cellar stairs is furnished leading down from the kitchen to the grade landing and basement. Plan C has three find bed rooms with two good closets, pleasant living room, dining room and kitchen. The porch, size 18’x67’, is furnished as shown – Height of ceilings 8’6”.”

The St. Regis

l stregis d
l stregis p

“In this popular home, the St. Regis, we are proud to offer the very latest style of home, from the standpoint of exterior design as well as interior arrangement. A delightful balanced effect is given by the sweeping lines of the roof which extends down past the chimney on one side and over a trellised archway on the other side, giving it a total frontage of 38 feet.

The exterior may either be shingled, as shown above, or finished with wide siding. Notice how large and pleasant the rooms are and how conveniently they are arranged. Height of ceilings first floor 8’6”, second floor 8’0”.

The Tacoma

l tacoma d
l tacoma p

“We take a great deal of pride in presenting the Tacoma as we feel that it will meet a long-felt want in the hearts of many. It not only has beauty in every detail of its exterior, but an exceptionally well laid out interior plan as well.

One of the features of the Tacoma which appeals to many home builders, is to have a home in which you have a complete living arrangement on the first floor and have it practical at very little extra expense to have additional rooms finished off on the 2nd floor at some future time.

The regular price of the Tacoma includes the stairway to attic, 2×8” 2nd floor joists, windows as shown and attic flooring so that the arrangement shown on the suggested plan below can be carried out at a minimum cost. The price of the materials needed for completing the 2nd floor plan as shown will be quoted on request.

Height of ceilings: first floor 8’6”, second floor 8’0”.”

The Van Dyke

l vandyke d
l vandyke p

“This beautiful Colonial home has the exterior grace and dignity and interior spaciousness that usually come only in homes of much higher price. It is the combination of charm, comfort and economy that makes the Van Dyke a most popular design decades after its model first flourished in the hospitable Colonies.

The use of siding for the first story and stained shingles for the gables and dormer sidewalls is most appropriate, however, you may specify siding in place of the stained shingles if you desire. From the moment you enter the Van Dyke through the shuttered Colonial entrance you are impressed with its air of roominess.

Every detail in the interior plan bespeaks comfort and hospitality. Not a feature is lacking that would make this a more desirable home. And like all Liberty Homes the Van Dyke has those fundamentals that insure lifetime satisfaction – yet at a cost considerably less than you would pay for a home of commonplace design, inferior construction and materials. Height of ceilings 8 feet.”

The Vernon

l vernon d
l vernon p

“The lasting satisfaction one derives from a home depends largely on its exterior attractiveness, and from that standpoint, too, the Vernon is sure to win admiration. It is one of the most interesting new designs of the modern architectural period – beauty – convenience – practicability – roominess, all at a low cost. Rarely does one find a home with so many outstanding features.

As one enters the Vernon he is at once impressed with its air of roominess. Plastered archways connecting the living room with the front hall and the dining room give a feeling of spaciousness.

Two cheerful bedrooms, each one occupying a corner of the house and located handy to the bath, the very convenient kitchen, and the large attic, make this a home that truly deserves to win the approval of all those who see it. Height of ceilings 8’6”.”

The Wellington

l wellington d
l wellington p

“The neat English exterior of this favorite design, with the brown stained wide wall shingles, encloses an interior plan that will please the tastes of many modern families. Modern home makers require more in a home than an attractive exterior, as they become more and more economical in the saving of time and steps.

Convenience is one of the first requisites of a good design. In both plans of the Wellington we find the happy combination of an attractive exterior and a most convenient plan combined with good taste and real economy.

Plan A is designed for the family requiring only two bedrooms with a large attic space that can easily be made accessible by having an attic stairway leading up out of the kitchen over the present cellar stairs. The small additional cost for attic stairs, extra door, etc., will be quoted on request.

In Plan B the large attic space has been utilized to provide for two bedrooms in addition to the splendid large bedroom on the first floor.

Ornamental window shutters and flower boxes are furnished for front windows as shown in illustration.

Height of ceilings first floor 8’6”, second floor 8’0”.

The Worthington

l worthington d
l worthington p

“To prospective home builders who have looked high and low for an attractive, well planned six-room home at a price within the means of the average family, the Worthington should have a strong appeal. It cannot help but satisfy those who seek the maximum in living comfort for a small investment.

The floor plan arrangement is ideal with an unusually large comfortable living room, dining room, kitchen and three splendid bedrooms. One bedroom is conveniently located on the first floor with a private toilet. Closet space is ample. Shingles furnished for sidewalls with the color of stain you prefer. Height of ceilings 8’.”

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