1935 Sears Honor-Bilt Homes

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Honor Bilt Sears homes were known throughout the US as well-made, comfortable, and affordable.

The pages listed in this directory are the complete catalog of homes for 1935 and styles range from bungalows and small Tudor style cottages to homes influenced by some of the modern trends of the times.

The Honor Bilt homes were part of a profitable business model shared by Aladdin and other home manufacturers. Each home was packaged pre-cut and then shipped to the location. The homeowner could literally build his own home from the materials sent. Instructions were included.

The craftmanship and materials were as good as any available on the market at the time and today, these kit homes are being sought by home buyers for their charm and quality.

Also Available from Sears

The Amherst


With its Colonial front doorway, iron railed stoop and varied wall covering, this home is an attractive realization of these factors which are favored in better suburban and city home developments today.

Some home builders prefer these homes of brick, others of siding. The Amherst is a good example of satisfactory results achieved by using both materials. The brickwork at the corners of the front wall is built out to form pilasters against which the frame projection of the second story finishes.

The rear wall is treated full height with brick, while both gables have wide bevel siding (brick not included in price).

The Floor Plans

Not only does the exterior conform to extensively popular tastes but the floor plan too, is a splendid conception of practical arrangement. Note the nice balance of the first floor rooms as well as a direct passage from the front hall through the kitchen.

Soap and water close by in the lavatory when you finish the weekly clean-up of basement or yard.

That quiet corner where you can balance the family budget or get the “meat” from your favorite book, will be found in the library space at rear of the living room.

The size of the kitchen might indicate a crowded condition but plenty of space has been designed for all equipment and it really is a step-saving, efficient work center.

Each bedroom has two or more windows located to provide cross ventilation. Closets are above the average in size and an extra closet for linen storage is located in the hall next to the bath.

The overall dimensions are 29 ft. 6 in. wide by 27 ft. 4 in. deep and can be built on a 40 ft. lot.

At the base price quoted, we guarantee to furnish complete materials according to specifications. Fill out a blank and let’s start your home project today.

The Attleboro


This type of Cape Cod home is one of the first designs built by the early New England settlers. Homes built over a hundred years ago grow old gracefully and still retain a certain warmth and beauty. It seems to have many friends in both urban and suburban areas.

The Attleboro achieves distinction with its fine doorway, dormers, shuttered windows and correct architectural details. No “gingerbread” to get out of date. Outside walls are shown of Cedar shingles, but will look equally attractive with siding.

First Floor Plan

The first floor lavatory opening off the rear hall, in addition to complete second floor bath, adds greatly to the value. Closets for outer wraps handy to front and rear doors.

Central hall with semi-open stairs, large living room, dining room and exceptional kitchen, completes the first floor plan. Double drainboard kitchen sink with built-in cabinets as shown on floor plans are suggested at a slight additional cost.

Second Floor Plan

Two large bedrooms and one smaller one, each with a good closet open off the upstairs hall. Each bedroom is well lighted and contains good wall space. A hall closet for linens at the left of the bath is a real convenience.

The bathroom plumbing “roughs in” directly over the kitchen which reduces installation cost. Three attractive “Aristocrat” plumbing fixtures as available in Specification 22B work out nicely in the bath. A built-in Venetian mirrored medicine case is part of the standard equipment furnished with this home.

The floor plan is 36 ft. wide by 26 ft. deep and will require a 60 ft. lot on account of the 11 ft. porch at the side. In case of a narrow lot, porch could be placed at the rear of the living room instead of at the side.

Our base price includes all necessary material to build this six room and bath home, consisting of lumber, lath, millwork, flooring, shingles, building paper, hardware, metal and painting materials according to complete detail specifications.

The Auburn & Chester


The Auburn Modern Home is another good example of what proper design will accomplish in the way of large convenient rooms in a small area. It has four floor levels.

The exterior walls are treated with a number of different finishes. The front wall under the overhanging gable has perpendicular siding, the vestibule, stucco and half timber, balance of the house, 24-inch shingles.

The Floor Plans

The basement level which is only a few feet below grade, can be used for laundry and heater room and recreation room or garage. The space under the living room, dining room and kitchen is not excavated. These rooms are well arranged on the regular first floor level, only a few risers above the basement.

A “Half Flight” of stairs opens from the living room to small second floor hall, which connects bath and two bedrooms. Material for the third bedroom is not furnished in base price, as most builders leave this room to be finished at some future date.

The Chester Modern Home No. 3380
Already Cut and Finished . . . See Price List
The floor plans of the Chester are the same as the Auburn, only the recreation room has been planned for attached motor room. Glazed triple “up and over” garage doors are attractive and easy to operate.

Exterior walls, except front vestibule, are of 24-inch clear Royal shingles, finished with one dip coat and one brush coat of Super shingle stain. Send for complete details and delivered price.

The Belfast


The Belfast, reminiscent of the beautiful Colonial architecture so popular among the home builders of the early United States, reflects that good cheer and gracious dignity which made their hospitality famous. There is economy in its simplicity and cozy comfort within its well built walls.

Each exterior detail has been studied for best results. The Colonial front entrance is a replica of the design which stands so invitingly on the entrance to the Perkins House, built at Costine, Maine in 1769.

The exterior walls up the eaves, are planned to be covered with clear bevel siding to receive three coats of Master-Mixed paint. The gables of are flush type siding. Dark brown or blue-green on the stationary slat shutters give a pleasing contrast to the light walls.

If you decide to place on narrow city lot, the side porch can be changed to the back with opening from the dining room.

The living room and dining room at the right of the plan are designed to give the appearance of one large room. Careful planning on the left side results in comfortable hall with semi-open stairs, service passage, grade entrance, lavatory and well arranged kitchen.

Upstairs you find three good corner bedrooms, four closets and bath. Not much chance for improvement.

The Berkley A


So successful an adaptation is the true Colonial, that the casual observer fancies it may have been there, ensconced for decades, serene under the assaults of sunshine and storm during a long flight of years.

In general spirit and outline, it harks back, of course, to a popular type used in the early Connecticut days, but the compact inside arrangement and low cost meet the modern needs of a small family.

The Berkley Plan A and its grown-up companion, “Plan B” shown opposite, have been created to illustrate that it is possible to plan and start your home in a small way and add “as you need.” It has individuality and character, largely achieved by those touches of personality which lift it out of the commonplace.

The Exterior is well designed for service, the porch giving the necessary protection to the front door, and the rear door at the grade allows deliveries to the kitchen and service to the basement without tracking through any of the main rooms.

The exterior walls are planned to be covered with a clear grade of siding, finished with three coats of Master Mixed paint. Both bevel and flush patterns are used on the front wall.

The square plan encloses space with the least amount of outside wall- that is why this home is so economical.

Floor Plans

The outside dimension of the plan are 23 feet by 10 ½ inches wide by 19 feet 10 ½ inches in depth and can be placed on a 35 foot lot—but a wider lot should be selected in case you plan to expand as shown in “Plan B.”

Living Room, dining room and kitchen on the first floor and two bedrooms, three closets and bath on the second floor. On account of the popularity of the Berkley design, we have prepared a special Brochure with full description and detail. Send for your copy.

Think of the convenience of being able to purchase all your materials under one signed order, with quality and quantity guaranteed. Complete detailed plans and specifications for your home are included.

The Berkley B


We are continually reading romantic tales of early Colonial life woven in and about houses with low ceilinged rooms whose adze hewn beams, dark with time, and cavernous fireplaces, bring forth memories of a past filled with the simplicity of a cheerful hospitality.

These descriptions, while adequate and true as to detail in recalling the past, seldom fail to include the time-worn bromide, “They knew how to build in those days,” so naturally one might be led to believe that here is the reason for the present revival of interest in Colonial architecture.

We are convinced, however, that the present day builder asks for Colonial style because of its exterior beauty, rather than for any alleged merits of good old fashioned construction.

Experience has taught us that it does not pay to start building without complete architectural plans, specifications, construction contract forms, and a responsible source from which to purchase your materials and equipment which will give you the service you expect.

The Berkley has been designed in accordance with the thrifty thinking of our Colonial ancestors as a house that will “grow” as unit construction. It was the custom to erect the central portion of the house to meet immediate requirements.

Allowance was made and proper original planning provided for the addition, later, of one or more wings, as rapidly as the family and its responsibilities enlarged.

The Floor Plans

The Berkley designs are very flexible. Plan No. 3401B is size 35 feet 10 ½ inches wide by 19 feet 10 ½ inches deep and contains seven rooms and bath.

From the front porch, you pass through a six-panel Colonial door to the living room, which gives a pleasing appearance on account of the fireplace and open stairs.

The wide arch between the living room and library gives these two the appearance of one large “L” shaped room. Dining room, kitchen and second covered porch complete the first floor.

The second floor is devoted to the bedrooms, bath and plenty of closet space. The master bedroom is above the average in size and has three windows, assuring good ventilation.

The Brentwood


This attractive plan shown here, was recently illustrated by a large national magazine as an ideal low cost home. The floor plan is the same for both exteriors and consists of four livable rooms—living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and bath. Three closets, linen and broom storage are located where they can be used to best advantage.

Our famous labor saving method of furnishing all framing material cut to fit, enables considerable work to be done by the owner. Thousands of home builders have saved money by this method and our low cash prices and quantity buying.

The Brentwood No. 13394C is planned with clear bevel siding for exterior walls while the “D” plan is shown with wide shingles.

These homes can be built on a 30 ft. lot. Height of ceilings 8 ft. 3 in. Cellar stairs lead to full basement providing space for furnace, fuel, fruit storage, and laundry.

We will include with your order, complete heating, lighting and plumbing with all necessary plans for installation at our low cash optional prices.

The Bridgeport


Selecting the style and plan of your home is very important. It is a purchase that invariably has to last a lifetime and should be selected so as to be a pride and joy to your family and neighborhood for many years to come.

If your requirements are for five rooms or four rooms and breakfast nook, and you are looking for something new and modern in a bungalow design, you will be interested in further details about the Bridgeport – one of our most attractive and popular Colonial designs.

It can be quickly and economically constructed, due to our labor saving method of furnishing all framing material cut at our factories. One order brings you all the finest building material and equipment necessary to build this home – guaranteed as to quality and quantity.

Modern home plan No. 13337A contains four rooms consisting of living room, two well lighted bedrooms, bath and kitchen, but really has five-room efficiency on account of the dining alcove recessed in the left wall of the kitchen. This feature will be appreciated by housewives.

Each bedroom has a large closet and a closet for outer wraps opens off the living room. The combination grade and cellar entrance with refrigerator platform adds to this very compact plan.

Plan No. 13337B contains five well arranged rooms, consisting of living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and bath. Not a foot of waste space and plenty of large well arranged windows. The side porch can be screened in to add comfort in the summer.

At the base price quoted, we will furnish all complete materials according to specifications. All plans and instructions for erection are a part of our complete service.

The Cape Cod


These small homes rely on simplicity and good taste combined with a direct and careful planning to lift them above the ordinary type home.

There is a certain softness and lasting character in this New England type which can be definitely expressed in both large and small homes. White walls and chimney with dark shutters and roof contrast is the most popular exterior color scheme.

Floor Plan No. 13354A

The size of this plan is 30 ft. in width and 22 ft. deep and contains four well balanced rooms. Living room and kitchen and bath at the back. The kitchen is planned for all necessary equipment – sink, cabinets table, etc.

The combination grade and cellar stairs from the rear entrance and lead to the basement which is planned for full excavation, to be used for heater, fuel, fruit storage and laundry.

The Cape Cod “B” plan is laid out for five rooms and consisting of living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and bath. Extra closet in the hall and linen closet in the bath in addition to regular bedroom storage.

A simple plan, yet architecturally correct and well arranged. We recommend the plan to all who are in need of a five room house.

You pay less for materials and equipment because Sears own and operate most of their own factories and sell direct to you at low prices. You also save on construction cost because much of the material is quickly and economically cut by special machinery in our factories before being shipped to you.

Our base price includes all material, consisting of lumber, lath, millwork, flooring, shingles, building paper, hardware, metal and painting materials, according to specifications. See price list for options on heating, lighting and plumbing.

Tell us what kind of heating, lighting and plumbing you prefer and we will quote you complete delivered price – so one order brings you everything.

The Chateau


In almost every American city where new residential developments are under way, safeguarded by well considered building restriction, houses of this or similar pattern are always in excellent standing.

Reserve and good taste are characteristics of this modern adaptation of the French type home. With the common brick of the side walls painted white; with blue-green shutters and sash, and a soft brown roof, this home will stand out as an architectural gem in any neighborhood.

The living room. You are immediately impressed with this large, well-balanced room by interesting details of semi-open stairs, fireplace and good window arrangement.

Dining room and carefully planned kitchen complete the first floor. Being able to get from kitchen to the front door through a passage under the main stairs is a step-saving idea. Note the large closet handy for outer wraps when entering from front or grade.

Second Floor Plan

Each bedroom has a corner location with windows on two sides to give cross ventilation. Large linen closet opens off the upstairs hall. The bathroom is located over the kitchen so all fixtures can be plumbed into one stack, saving on installation cost.

By referring to the enclosed price list, you will note that we have arranged this equipment so you can make your own selection of heating, lighting fixtures, plumbing etc. Study pages 12 to 15 and fill in blank for complete delivered cash price.

The Chatham


Exclusiveness of design, dignity and refinement are expressed in this attractive Dutch Colonial home. Of a totally different character from the Colonial work done in other parts of the United States, was the architecture of the Dutch settlers in the neighborhood of New York.

The old farmhouses also—many of which have fortunately been preserved from the early days of the settlers in Flatbush and Flushing—were of a type very different from the formal houses built by the Colonial settlers of English descent.

The architecture of Holland has always been famous for its picturesque quality—and “blood tells,” in art as well as in manner. Today this type of home is very popular.

Its shape lends itself remarkably well to picturesque treatment in carrying the lines down to the ground. With the Chatham, careful thought has been given to the designing of the front vestibule entrance, window shutters and railing over sunroom addition.

The Floor Plans

A central entrance plan is always to be desired. Here you have this feature without sacrificing space for large stair hall. The designer who worked this plan saw the need of large rooms in a small floor area.

The Living Rooms. After passing through the vestibule, you turn to the left into a large living room with exceptional wall space and attractive open fireplace. This room in turn opens into a much desired and ever popular sunroom.

Dining Room and Kitchen. In going over the plan you have probably noticed the definite separation of the dining room and kitchen from the balance of the first floor. No trouble to furnish because you have lots of wall space and a place for everything.

We all have to have service men reading meters and making deliveries for cellar storage; as well as laundry to hang out on sunny days, so the direct entry from rear door is to be desired.

The Second Floor. Two large bedrooms with a smaller guest room or den, four closets and bath are handy from the upstairs hall.

To get the best results in reproducing this home, you must have complete architectural plans and construction details. This necessary service is included in the base price quoted on all guaranteed materials.

The Collingwood


Here is an unusual bungalow, well suited for modern living conditions. The exterior is very practical and finds much favor on account of its simplicity.

The lines of the hip roof are broken by the dormer on the front and bay projection over the dining room at the side. Living out of doors, as most of us do in summer, the front porch will be appreciated. The windows are very well designed and attractively arranged.

The Living Room. From the front porch we enter the living room which is 12 ft. 9 in. wide by 18 ft. 5 in. deep. Note the convenient and attractively designed fireplace in the left wall, on each side of which is a window, and the triple window in the front hall.

The Dining Room. The dining room is located next to the living room and is lighted by two large windows contained in the bay projection.

The Kitchen. From the dining room we pass into the kitchen where considerable thought has been given to the placing of many built-in features and practical arrangement of other equipment.

The kitchen sink is located underneath the double window on the left wall, on each side of which suitable kitchen cabinets are furnished at option prices. A place for brooms, mops, etc., is formed by the closet opening off the right wall.

The built-in breakfast alcove occupies the space at the rear. Table and seats for this furnished at option price.

Bedrooms. A plastered arch is used in the opening between the dining rooms and hall which connects the two bedrooms and bath.

What our Price Includes

At the base price quoted, we guarantee to furnish all material consisting of lumber, lath, millwork, flooring, shingles, building paper, hardware, metal and painting materials according to specifications. See attached price list for base price and options.

The Concord


The Concord is a true American Cape Cod home. Its beautiful exterior and practical floor plan have won it the reputation of “America’s most popular low priced home.” We are very proud to present this home, employing a new principle in construction which is a big money saver.

The plan has four floor levels. The basement which is only a few feet below grade requires only a minimum excavation, being confined to the left wing only, but sufficiently large to provide recreation room, laundry and heater room.

The recreation room can be converted into a motor room, where an attached garage is wanted. (See the garage entrance of the Homestead on the opposite page)

The regular floor level which is only six steps up from the basement, contains a large “L” shaped room, forming living room and dining room. A well arranged kitchen is also on this level. A small hall forms the entrance to the basement level and gives additional kitchen storage.

A short flight of open stairs with wrought iron railings brings you to the second floor containing two bedrooms, bath, three closets and linen storage. You will note on the second floor plan that it is possible to have a third bedroom in the space over the living room.

This house is a good example of careful planning and how you can secure seven-room efficiency in the same space ordinarily devoted to five rooms.

The quantity and quality of all the materials and equipment for this home are fully guaranteed by this responsible company.

Base price shown on price list does not include garage illustrated.

The Cornell


This square American type home is a favorite in suburban areas, as well as in the city where narrow lots predominate. This cozy home with clear bevel siding on the first story walls and clear red Cedar shingles on the second floor, is very economical to build on account of the square lines.

A square plan gives the most livable space at the lowest cost. Wide overhanging eaves, well balanced windows and comfortable front porch gives the exterior a substantial appearance.

Quality of Materials Above the Average

“I have been in the building business for more than forty years and have built many buildings and homes in several different states and must truly say that your building materials in its several different lines, is second to none.

Your delivery is prompt and your business transactions fair and courteous. Since using your material, I figure that I have saved twenty0five per cent on each job, besides the satisfaction of receiving grades as specified!” — J.W. Bailye, Dillsboro, Ind.

First Floor Plan

From the front porch, you enter the living room size 15 ft. 11 inches by 12 ft. 6 inches. Four large windows admit plenty of light and the good wall space permits many attractive arrangements of the furniture. A closet for outer wraps opens off the stair platform—handy to the front door.

The dining room size 11 ft. 5 inches by 12 ft. 2 inches and the kitchen complete the first floor plan. Note the kitchen has cross ventilation and a convenient place for all necessary equipment. The platform at the top of the grade and cellar stairs is designed for refrigerator.

Second Floor Plan

The upstairs hall connects with the three corner bedrooms and bath. Each room has cross ventilation and the bath is above the average size with built in linen closet over the main stairs.

The Crafton


Just before this catalog went to press, we counted the number of home builders who have been made happy by building one of these attractive low cost American type bungalows.

When over a thousand vote these plans their choice, there can be only one answer – they meet the requirements where four, five or six rooms are needed, at a minimum cost. No “gingerbread” – just attractive, livable space.

You have your choice of three plans. No. 3318A size 22 ft. wide by 30 ft. deep contains four rooms and bath. Plan No. 3318C size 24 ft. by 24 ft 6 in. contains five rooms and bath, and plan No. 3318D size 26 ft. by 38 ft. contains six rooms and bath. All rooms well proportioned with good wall space and plenty of large windows.

Each plan has a large porch with baluster railing. The exterior walls are planned to be covered with No. 1 24-inch Cedar shingles, finished with one dip coat and one brush coat of super quality shingle stain.

The base price includes all necessary material according to specifications, plans and instructions for erection, to complete this home. All framing material cut to fit, reducing cost.

Fill out attached form for complete delivered price and details about optional equipment.

Plan No. 3318X
Plan No. 3318X is the same as No. 3318D, but roof is raised and attic stairs are furnished over cellar stairs. This will make ideal storage. Write for details about this plan.

The Dayton


The designers of this home kept in mind a plan which would give the maximum livable floor area at the lowest possible cost. It is a typical American home with a semi bungalow appearance on account of the wide overhanging eaves—suitable for a narrow city lot or in the country.

The exterior is planned to be covered with clear bevel siding with clear Cypress exterior trim and moldings. The quality of all materials furnished for “Honor Bilt” homes enjoys a national reputation and the fact that over 100,000 homes have been built by our famous ready cut system, testifies for the labor saving features.

The large front porch, size 18 ft. by 8 ft. can be screened for summer comfort and will be appreciated by every home owner.

“I can truthfully recommend every dollar’s worth of material I received from you people, to be first class in every respect. Upon comparing prices, I find I saved over $1,000.00 in buying my home from Sears, and I got better material.

My heating plant can’t be beat. I will gladly show anyone through my home who is interested, and explain it to them.”—Walter Brumitt, Bradley, Ill.

The Floor Plans

The living room size 19 ft. 3 in, wide by 13 ft. 5 in. deep in depth, has a large window in each outside wall. It is well balanced for wall space and the semi open stairs along the right wall is designed attractive newel and railing.

The wide arch opening from the living room to the dining room gives these two rooms the appearance of one large “L” shaped room, easy to furnish and decorate.

The present day kitchen is judged by the efficiency in placing equipment for model work center. Note the compact square room contains space for two cabinets, refrigerator, sink and range—also has cross ventilation. Side entrance is provided by a grade door with stairs to the basement and kitchen level.

The second floor has two large bedrooms, 16 feet by 11 feet and 16 feet by 10 feet by 3 inches, four closets and bath.

Our complete floor plans and instructions enable considerable of the work to be done by the owner.

What Our Base Price Includes

At the base price quoted, we will furnish all materials needed to build this five room and bath, home, consisting of lumber, lath, millwork, flooring, roof shingles, building paper, clear bevel siding for sidewalls, hardware metal and paint materials according to the specifications. All framing material completely ready cut.

Heating, lighting, plumbing and other options shown on the price list.

The Dover


There is a certain warmth and “hominess” about a wooden house—a readiness to receive the stamp of its owner’s personality and an ability to adapt itself to its environment. It answers the needs of well-to-do or modest builder and holds it own in town or country.

The Dover is an Americanized English type Colonial story and a half cottage with a convenient floor plan. The massive chimney helps to “tie in” the front gable and the cowled roof lines help to give a compact appearance.

The exterior walls are planned for clear bevel siding but will look equally attractive if shingles are used. In either case, we suggest light colors of paint or stain, in contrast to dark shutters, chimney and weathered roof.

The shutters on the front windows are batten type, to match the batten type circle head front door.

Our home building service will furnish every detail to help you have a home as attractive as the Dover. We guarantee quality and quantity, and our ready cut system of construction conserves your building dollars.

The Floor Plan

From the terrace, the front door opens into a vestibule which has a large coat closet for outer wraps. Handy for your guests.

The living room and dining room extend across the entire front of the house and are connected with a plaster arch, also used from living room to vestibule and hall. Plenty of windows assure bright and cheerful rooms and a pleasant outlook.

Most every family can use a first floor bedroom – if not for the family, a guest likes a little privacy from the Master bedrooms. Many have converted this room into a combination library and den and still have a “spare” bedroom available by putting a “rollaway” bed in the closet.

Note that the semi-open stairs also open into the kitchen – a step-saving convenience. The kitchen will accommodate cabinets quoted in options. The second floor contains two large bedrooms and the bath is above average size. Linen storage and good closets. Fill out a blank for complete delivered price.

The Ellison


Modern Home No. 3359—5 Rooms Brick Exterior
Modern Home No. 3359—7 Rooms Brick Exterior
Modern Home No. 3359A—5 Rooms Wood Shingle Exterior
Modern Home No. 3359A—7 Rooms Wood Shingle Exterior

The Ellison is another popular flexible bungalow type design which gives the prospective home builder the option of having five complete rooms and bath on the first floor, and two additional rooms, and the second bath can be finished on the second floor when more space is needed.

The use of stained shingles, siding and brick seems to be equally popular with home builders.

Plan No. 3359 calls for brick exterior and No. 3359A is prices to include shingles for sidewalls.

Let us send you a copy of the complete details on this home. Fill out Information Blank.

The Floor Plans

The first floor plan contains a large living room, studio (story-and-a-half) type, with exposed ceiling beams, dining rooms and compact kitchen with convenient space for all modern equipment.

At the right of the main hall, a small passageway gives the two bedrooms and bath the necessary privacy. Closet space for rear bedroom has been provided with built-in wardrobe next to the bathroom. You also have a closet for outer wraps opening off the front hall.

Under the Roof: English bungalows call for steep pitched roofs – so we have plenty of space for two bedrooms and bath. Two gabled dormers and a wide split roof dormer in the rear give the necessary head room for the windows.

You can get all the material and equipment for this beautiful home fully guaranteed at our low cash price. Fill out blank for delivered price.

The Ellsworth


These three attractive homes have an interesting story to tell. A few years ago, a number of property owners called at one of our modern homes offices, explaining they owned some beautiful wooded lots adjoining a golf club in their city.

They wanted to build small inexpensive homes, but were afraid they could not get permits and would be criticized by adjoining home owners who had lived up to the higher restrictions. The three designs shown here were among the many offered for their consideration.

Now that they are built, they are the pride of the owners and surrounding community.

A more compact arrangement of four well proportioned rooms and bath would be hard to work out in such a limited floor area,. The living room and dining room are 13 ft. 2 in. by 18 ft. with good wall space and attractive fireplace in the left wall. The closet in the hall will be found convenient for outer wraps.

The floor plans are the same for all three exteriors, except that the Sunbury Plan No. 3350A and Plan No. 3350B have a small vestibule instead of an open porch. Every detail has been carefully planned on both exterior and interior.

We have a lot of attractive information about these homes which you may have for the asking.

The Franklin


During the past two or three years, there has been a real demand for new ideas in attractive low cost homes. Hundreds of American architects have contributed plans which they consider the ideal in low cost and convenience.

Cellarless homes, flat roofs, steel panels and new untried materials have all been offered as a solution to cut costs with little or no success.

The Franklin modern home is one of our newer suggestions and its immediate acceptance by home builders indicates that it will be one of our most popular designs.

One of the features that makes for economy is that the basement is planned under the bedroom portion only and requires a minimum excavation.

You save about 40 per cent of your foundation cost and at the same time have plenty of space for recreation room, heater and fuel room. The recreation room can be converted into a third bedroom or motor room.

The regular floor level contains living room, kitchen, rear hall and two closets. A half flight of open stairs with only five risers brings you to the next level containing two large bedrooms, bath and closets with practically the same privacy as you would have in a two full story house.

The exterior walls are covered with clear bevel siding and all millwork and other material is of the best grade for the purpose.

Let us send you a large planograph illustration and complete details about this marvelous low cost home.

Our base price includes all the material needed to build this beautiful four room and bath home, consisting of lumber, lath, millwork, flooring, shingles, building paper, hardware, metal and paint materials according to complete specifications.

Instructions for erection and complete plans. Price does not include cement, brick or plaster. Size of plan, 31 ft. wide and 32 ft. 6 in. deep. Forty-foot lot will accommodate. Separate prices on Heating, Lighting, and Plumbing.

One of the attractive features of purchasing your home from Sears, Roebuck is that one order brings you all necessary material and equipment, fully guaranteed.

Study the specifications and enclosed price list for complete details of options and heating, lighting and plumbing.

The Gainsboro


On a trip through one of our large Modern Home offices, you would see hundreds of files—Files for correspondence—Duplicate factory orders, specifications, etc., all set up to handle and control the schedule of shipments for your home.

These files contain interesting details, but the files of which we are all very proud contain the thousands of voluntary testimonial letters from our satisfied Modern Home customers.

They tell of savings, the completeness of our service, high quality materials and attractive plans. Only the words of our customers can do justice to our home building service.

“I am very well impressed with the quality of the lumber that was furnished, and also with the generous dimension of the lumber used for framing, especially for floor timbers, roof rafters and ceiling joist; the very places some contractors usually specify lighter material.

These things together with the good quality of workmanship going into our home has convinced me that a Sears, Roebuck Honor Bilt home is a wise investment.

“You may direct prospective customers to our home and rest assured that I can and will speak highly of your Ready Cut Homes.

“As to the probable saving that we made in dealing with Sears, it would hard to say, except that I have seen houses put up by local contractors that are no bigger, and certainly no better built that are now $700 to $800 higher.”—John E. Towns, Mount Morris, Ill.

The Floor Plans

Much can be said about both exterior and interior of this attractive home. The construction of common brick painted white and siding exterior walls is inviting and ties in with the English lines.

The plan lends itself to the “House That Grows” idea as you have complete living on the first floor consisting of living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bath. Most families need a first floor bedroom or find it will come in handy as a library or den.

The second floor which contains two large bedrooms (one with three exposures) and four closets, can be finished as a part of your original building program or at some future date. Send for complete details about this home which has been built successfully in many parts of the country.

The Gateshead


It is not likely that any man ever entered upon a home building program who did not first ask himself the question “Can I afford to build?”, and it is just as unlikely that any man of thrift ever built a home under normal conditions who did not wonder, when the last installment lifted the mortgage on his home, “How could I have afforded not to build?”

The day of cancelled mortgage is an epochal day in the family history-  a day of triumph, for in most cases, the cancelled mortgage represents courage, thrift and sacrifice. You have a home instead of three or four thousand dollars in rent receipts. From this day on, life assumes a different aspect.

The Gateshead is an Americanized English type, particularly adaptable to narrow city lots. The living room size 17 ft. 8 in. by 11 ft. 6 in. has interesting details on the walls. Triple windows and arch on the front – French doors on the left and fireplace; stairs and arch on the inside walls. Dining room, kitchen and combination grade and cellar stairs complete the first floor.

Two large bedrooms, bath and four closets work out without waste space on the second floor.

What Our Price Includes

At the base price quoted, we guarantee to furnish all materials according to specifications. Study the enclosed price list for options on heating, lighting, plumbing, etc. See pages 62 and 63 for garages.

The Gladstone


For economical construction and convenient plan and arrangement the square type house has few rivals. You can enclose the greatest amount of space with the least wall cost if your plan is square in shape.

The Gladstone is a very good example of a popular exterior treatment. Clear bevel siding, well proportioned windows and porch with brick pilasters and iron railing have been carefully detailed.

Plan 3315-A. Those who appreciate a plan with both living room and dining room facing the front will prefer this arrangement. The grade and cellar entrance located under the main stairs leads to rear entry which is planned for refrigerator and extra kitchen storage.

Kitchen with two outside walls works out best for ventilation and arrangement of equipment.

The second floor on this plan has three corner bedrooms, bath and four closets.

Plan 3315-B. Those who desire a front vestibule and stair hall with open stairs will be interested in the room arrangement as shown by “Plan 3315-B.” Closet for outer wraps is located on stair platform and refrigerator platform is provided at the top of the grade stairs.

Large arch openings between the living room, hall and dining room open the plan to a very livable appearance. Range, sink, table and cabinets can be easily arranged to make this a popular work center. The second floor is devoted to three bedrooms, bath and closets.

Fill out information blank for complete delivered price, including heating, lighting and plumbing.

The Hammond


The Modern Home Division of Sears, Roebuck and Co. has the distinction of furnishing over 100,000 homes to American home builders.

From the inception of this department, our corps of architects, engineers and home experts have been ever watchful for new ideas in materials, design, space and labor saving features and equipment. Each design contains the maximum space at the lowest cost.

The Exterior

In the Hammond, we present the always popular five room bungalow in a new guise, up to date outside and in, with beauty and distinction seldom found in houses of this size and remarkably low cost. In sturdy “Honor Bilt” construction, with high quality guaranteed materials, it will make the finest kind of an investment.

The main walls are to be covered with brick and the gables with wide siding. Dark face brick with stained siding would be attractive, but common brick whitewashed and white painted gables would be just as beautiful. There is always a fascination in a home with the interesting details the Hammond possesses.

Floor Plan. The front vestibule and coat closet are lighted by a casement sash. Another closet is tucked into the corner of the large living room, which is 20 ft. by 11 ft. 6 in. An attractive fireplace, and windows grouped on two walls make this a delightful room.

The kitchen is out of sight, only the dining room with its double windows being visible. The kitchen, with cross ventilation and convenient grade entrance, has cabinets (furnished at option price) grouped around the sink and the window above it. The side entrance is convenient for drive and saves garden space in back.

A hall to the right of the living room leads to bath, linen closet, and two good size corner bedrooms, each having a closet, windows on two sides and good wall space.

Ceiling height on the first floor is 8 ft. 6 in. The basement is 7 ft. from floor to joists. The house is 34 ft. 11 in. wide and 31 ft. 5 in. deep on the bedroom side. It can be built on a lot 41 ft. or more in width, but requires 45 ft. with side drive.

The Haverhill


Provision for a protected future is the first purpose and real test of soundness for any investment made from savings. Apply your usual rent money toward home ownership and increase your monthly savings safely and without extra cost.

The value of a home and the ground under it is ever present for cash or collateral to meet unforseen emergencies. The man who selects his home site wisely and builds well, in the present market, will be in the happy position of owning a property which will naturally increase in value for years to come.

The Colonial Home. The designer who originated this center entrance type of Colonial home, certainly anticipated the exact needs and tastes of many American families. You will find this type of well appointed home built in all parts of the United States.

The exterior walls are planned of brick but would look equally attractive in siding or stained shingles. Well balanced windows with shutters, make each perspective equally attractive.

The First Floor Plan. You are immediately impressed by the front entrance, the original of which was used on the home of General Strong, built in the Revolutionary days.

Once inside, you feel as well as see the convenient layout. Once inside, you feel as well as see the convenient layout. Lavatory, rear hall, wardrobe and semi-open stairs take up about two-thirds of the center hall, to good advantage. Three well balanced rooms located at the corners, with two or more exposures, making them bright and easy to equip and furnish.

The Second Floor. Built-in wardrobes with storage shelves and shoe racks, replace the usual closets. There are four of these and a linen closet besides. Two bathrooms, dressing room and three large corner bedrooms.

For the base price quoted, we will furnish all the materials (except brick and masonry) according to 11b specifications, which include 8-panel interior doors, Colonial backband trim, casework, oak flooring, LaTosca hardware, linoleum for kitchen, baths and lavatory, four-coat enamel on trim, stain, shellac and varnish for doors and double white brick paint for common brick.

The Hillsboro


The exterior walls of this most attractive home are planned to be finished with old English or Tavern face brick. We suggest colors ranging from light reds and browns to dark blues and a few blacks. Lots of color and a little careless touch to the stone work, shutters and wrought iron rail will give the right feeling. Warm shades of cream and brown in the stone will be helpful.

The floor plan is a dream. From the front terrace, we pass through a batten type front door equipped with ornamental wrought iron hinges and hardware. The hall gives a fine impression.

A semi-open stair leading to the second floor has iron railing and balusters and small iron grill, opening from the stair landing into the living room. Note the connecting passage from kitchen to front hall and convenient lavatory for the children to “wash up.”

The living room and dining room are large, well lighted and offer good wall space and many interesting details. The kitchen is an ideal work center – a place for everything.

The successful designing of the garage as a part of the main building is desired by every home owner but it seldom works out as successfully as in this plan.

The second floor has two very large bedrooms, studio and bath, all with good head room. Specifications include linoleum, enamel for kitchen and bath, oak floors, back band trim, 1-panel doors. La Tosca hardware and cabinets.

The Homecrest


The premise that the investment in a house should only increase when warranted by the growing needs of the family suggested this attractive plan. While the photographs and floor plans show the home built complete, it lends itself admirably to the “House that Grows” idea.

The exterior is true Colonial and is finished with clear bevel siding, painted white, with slat type window shutters painted a contrasting dark color. Each perspective is equally attractive on account of the broken lines of the main building, garage unit and porch, also well balanced window arrangement.

The Floor Plan

The main feature of the floor plan is the “stepped up” four level arrangement. In order to give the largest livable area at the lowest cost, the foundation is planned with a minimum excavation.

On the first floor plan shown below the space indicated for playroom, utility room and fuel storage, is the excavated portion. Study the cross section drawing shown on the opposite page.

Approaching the main entrance you enter the vestibule with closet for outer wraps. On this level you find large living room, dining room and kitchen. Only half the usual number of steps are required to go from the back hall to the basement.

You will always find it convenient to go from the kitchen to front door without going through the dining room. The kitchen is an ideal work center with a handy place for all equipment.

Second Floor Plan

Note that the garage, though separated, has the appearance of being a part of the main building.

Straight steep stairs are hard to climb so we know you will appreciate the idea of reaching the second floor level with only six risers. Wrought iron rail adds to the appearance of stair detail.

The second floor level contains two good bedrooms and bath. The third bedroom located over the living room is reached with another “half flight” of stairs.

If you want to pay as you build and need, you can have a complete attractive home of five rooms only, leaving the porch, garage wing and third bedroom to be finished at a later date.

Let us send you complete details and delivered prices on all materials for this most unusual plan.

The Homestead


Of all Nature’s gifts to man, none is more priceless and essential to his health, happiness and comfort than that so lavishly bestowed by the lordly monarchs of our primeval forests.

Would your home, whether castle or cottage, pretentious or plain, be a real home if there were no “gift of trees” to give it an atmosphere of sincere welcome, warmth and hospitality?

Homes of wood can be reclaimed and refinished not only to their original beauty – but changes and additions can be made much easier than with any other material. Keep this in mind, wood homes are not expensive, especially when you select a tested economical plan.

Low Cost Enclosed Space. It is not a problem to design and build an attractive livable home when the amount of money you have to spend is unlimited – but it is a horse of another color when you have to keep within a “Low Cost” budget. To be successful you have to plan carefully to eliminate all waste space and material.

The beautiful Colonial Cottage with outside walls of clear bevel siding is certainly deserving of the name “Homestead.”

The Floor Plans

After studying the floor plans shown on this page and the cross section shown on page 36, you will note that you have three and a future fourth level. An attached motor room and utility room are provided in the left portion of the plan.

This space requires only a minimum excavation about three feet below grade. If you plan on using a detached garage, you can have a larger basement or part of the space can be used for recreation room – a new feature desirable in every home.

The regular first floor level which you enter from the front porch contains living room, dining room and kitchen. Everyone likes second floor privacy for their bedrooms, but objects to climbing a lot of stairs.

Here you reach the two bedrooms and bath with a half flight of open stairs with wrought iron railing opening out of the living room.

You will also note that a large third bedroom can be furnished at some future time in the space over the living room.

The plan used with the “Homestead” has been so successful that we have used practically the same idea on five other houses shown on pages 22-23-36-58.

Send for complete details about the most successful Small Home planned.

The Lewiston


Who would not take price in being pointed out as the owner of this beautiful English home? There is a deep satisfaction in the possession of a home which truly expresses the good taste and the hospitality of the family, and a keen enjoyment in pleasant well proportioned rooms, arranged for gracious living.

The exterior combines stone and brick in the English manner, with leaded casements, long iron strap hinges, flower boxes, contrasting shutters and wood shingles laid with wide exposure.

The Lewiston is complete as a five room bungalow, yet whenever needed, two additional rooms can be finished on the second floor, also a bathroom if desired, by placing a dormer in back. A music room can be arranged by making an opening between the living room and one of the bedrooms.

First Floor. A clear ponderosa pine batten type circle head door leads from the terrace to a living room with a fireplace flanked by English casements. A plastered arch connects living room and dining room, each of which has a group of three large windows. Good wall spaces for furniture in every room and a pleasant outlook.

Kitchen. With its cross ventilation, cupboards (furnished at option price), sink near one of the windows and the convenient location of the basement stairs and rear door, one can work comfortably in this room while keeping an eye on outdoor activities.

Bedrooms and Bath, also linen closet and stair open off a hall which gives privacy to that part of the house. Each bedroom has cross ventilation and a good closet. The bathroom is 7 feet by 6 feet 5 inches with our high grade plumbing fixtures and Venetian glass medicine case. Phone cabinet furnished in hall at option price.

Second floor. At a small additional cost, two more bedrooms can be arranged on the second floor, also a bath and four closets. Two large windows on each gable end give these rooms light and air.

The Lorain


From the modern woman’s point of view, it is almost impossible to over emphasize the importance and convenience of having a first floor bedroom.  It not only comes in handy for guest, but can be furnished to also act as a den or library.

At first glance, few would supposed that this charming Colonial house contained six large, well balanced rooms. You usually view the front entrance first and last and your impression of this should be good as it is well balanced with the rest of the exterior features – shutters on front windows – Colonial siding and circle head dormer.

All exterior siding, moldings and trim of clear lumber and all protected with three coats of our famous Master-Mixed paint.

The Floor Plans

The right side of the first floor plan contains the living room and dining room, connected with wide plaster arch giving the appearance of one large room, size 11 ft. 2 in. wide by 29 ft. long. The hall which also contains the encased stair to the second floor connects the bedroom, bath and kitchen.

You will find plenty of wall space for equipment and kitchen cabinets (furnished at option price) as well as cross ventilation. Refrigeration space is planned under wall cabinet unit next to entrance of grade and cellar stairs.

Second Floor Plan

A “split roof” type dormer with two windows, gives the necessary head room and light to the upstairs hall, opening from which you will find two large bedrooms and closets.

Select your garage from designs shows on pages 62 and 63.

This “Honor Bilt” home is 24 feet wide and 30 feet deep and can be built on a lot 30 feet wide.

Fill out Blank you will find in the back of this book for complete delivered price.

The Lynnhaven


What picturesque possibilities can be hidden behind a few brick, stone, sacks of cement, a pile of lumber and millwork. It all depends on how much thought is given to the design, but the result desired, is a home with an attractive exterior and a conveniently arranged interior.

All “Honor Bilt” homes are thoroughly tested to be sure that they are architecturally correct and economical, also durable and convenient.

In presenting the Lynnhaven, we feel that we are offering a home which will solve a problem for many home builders. The graceful way in which the front projection ties itself the main building and the attractive entrance makes this home one that will be admired by many.

The exterior walls are planned to be covered with our Royal Red Cedar 24-inch shingles, laid with wide exposure and to be finished with one dip coat and one brush coat of Super grade shingle stain, color for which we suggest light grey.

The Floor Plan

Upon entering the house, you are immediately impressed with the convenience you find. The reception hall contains the semi-open stairs and a large closet for outer wraps. The lavatory or powder room will be appreciated by every housewife.

Balance of the first floor is devoted to dining room, living room, breakfast alcove and kitchen. All the rooms are well proportioned, have good wall space and plenty of windows.

The kitchen is ideal and will accommodate four cabinet units, breakfast alcove for built-in equipment and a large china case.

On the second floor the inside hall connects the bathroom and three bedrooms. The two bedrooms on the right of the plan above the average size, being 13 ft. 1 in. by 11 ft. 11 in. and 15 ft. 1 in. by 10 ft. 11 in. Four good size closets give plenty of storage space.

Basement has full excavation and is planned for laundry, fuel room, heating plant and storage. Height 7 ft. First floor, 8 ft. 6 in. Second floor, 8ft. The measurements are 30 ft. by 26 ft. and will fit on a 50 ft. lot

The specifications for this home include linoleum for kitchen and bathroom floors. Balance of floors, Clear Oak; back band trim, one-panel doors. La Tosca hardware and four kitchen cabinets; enamel finish kitchen and bath.

The Marion


This story and a half bungalow type design contains everything to be desired in a small home. Exterior attractiveness and practical interior arrangement at a very low cost. Note the graceful way the main roof curves down over the large front porch.

At a small additional cost, the porch can be screened in for summer. The exterior walls as shown, are planned to be covered with clear bevel siding, but the Marion will look equally attractive with shingles stained, or painted a light color.

The first floor plan contains a large living room and kitchen. The location of the fireplace in the center of the house enables the kitchen flue to be carried in the same chimney. Combination grade and cellar entrance is located under the main stairs.

The kitchen is planned for a convenient step saving arrangement of sink, range, refrigerator, work table and cabinets which are furnished as an option.

The semi open stairway leads to second floor hall which connects the two bedrooms and bath. The plans are well engineered so you can install our modern plumbing fixtures as illustrated on pages 12-13 be Specification 21A or 22B.

An attractive Venetian mirrored medicine case is included to be placed over the lavatory. Each closet is equipped with shelf and clothes pole.

The “Honor Bilt” home is 22 ft. wide and 24 ft. deep 22×8 foot porch and can be built on a 30 ft. lot. The first floor ceilings are 8 ft. 3 in. high and the second floor 8 ft. The basement is planned for a full excavation, providing space for furnace, laundry, fuel and fruit storage and future recreation room.

A large planograph copy of the original architectural drawing will be sent to you free on request.

What Our Price Includes: At the base price quoted, we will furnish this five room and bath home consisting of lumber, lath, millwork, flooring, shingles, building paper, hardware, metal and painting materials according to specifications shown on pages 8-11. See enclosed price list for base price and options.

The Milford


Experience has taught that it does not pay to start building without complete detailed architectural plans, specifications, construction contract forms and a responsible source to purchase materials and equipment which will give you the service you may rightly claim.

Each purchaser of an “Honor Bilt” home gets this necessary service, and more. We pass on to you, the saving which can only be obtained from years of experience in building homes and the purchasing power which belongs to the World’s Largest Dealer in building materials and equipment.

The Milford is another true example of the Cape Cod New England home, more popular today than ever. A home like the Milford is a credit to you, your family and every neighborhood. This home expresses good taste on account of its carefully planned architectural details.

Slat type shutters, clear Red Cedar shingles, Colonial entrance and well balanced dormers- simply but carefully handled.

The First Floor Plan

From solid 6-panel front door, we enter the central hall containing semi-open stairs and large closet for outer wraps. Elimination of waste space makes for large practical rooms. The living room is 12 ft. 1 in. wide by 21 ft. 1in. long with good window grouping, plenty of wall space and attractive fireplace.

Glance at the floor plan of the kitchen. What an ideal work center! Plenty of room for all necessary equipment and a dining alcove which is desirable feature in every home. When the children come in the back door, a closet is handy for their outer clothes, also large enough for broom storage, etc.

Second Floor Plan

Large light bedrooms are the envy of every housewife – here you can have two exceptional rooms on the second floor of this home. Each room being 12 ft 1 in, by 17 ft. 3 in. Plenty of room for twin beds and other equipment. Also large closets and a well arranged bath. Linen closet and extra storage space opens off hall.

The Newbury


Dignified in every line and proportion, this aristocratic member of the Colonial period has many prototypes in all parts of the United States.

Some of the original homes built by early settlers along the Atlantic seaboard, have stood and served as lovely homes for more than a century – testifying to the permanence of design and good construction.

Inviting indeed, is the large front porch inset under the graceful sweep of the main roof. Well proportioned square columns tie it in as a part of the main structure. Screened in summer, it forms a most popular place.

The dormer shown on the front perspective is repeated on the rear and helps to break up the otherwise large roof area. The stone base of the chimney is an unusual and interesting detail.

The front wall under the porch roof is planned to be covered with brick, while the balance of the walls are of wide bevel siding which we suggest painting white or cream.

The Floor Plans

On each side of the six panel Colonial front, door glazed sidelights furnish brightness and necessary light to the central hall where you also have a convenient closet for wraps. Every home builder will enjoy planning and furnishing the large living room with open fireplace.

The rear porch is accessible from both dining room and kitchen and gives the necessary protection. The kitchen is a real efficient work center with good light and wall space for all necessary equipment. Cellar stairs and broom closet are located under the main stairs.

The wide enclosed stairway leads to upstairs hall which connects the three bedrooms and bath. The Master bedroom is above the average size with dressing alcove, two closets and three exposures.

No waste space in this home. Every foot is used to the best advantage. The location of the bath enables all plumbing fixtures to “plumb in” in one stack.

The plan is 32 ft. wide and 30 ft. 4 in. deep and will look attractive on a lot 50 ft. wide.

The Newcastle


Standing four square to cheerful sunshine and admitting plenty of light in every room on cloudy days, this plan employs every inch of floor space advantageously.

Here is a design of perfect symmetry in the disposition of windows and front doorway, graced by a dignity of line and perspective in which you would take constant pride.

The Exterior Walls are planned for clear bevel siding except second floor portion of front wall which is to have flush pattern boards. All exterior wood members to receive three coats of Master Mixed paint, we suggest a light color in contrast to the dark roof and shutters.

The Front Entrance. You will be proud to know that this type of front entrance graced the homes of some of our famous early settlers. The original Richards House, built at Litchfield, Connecticut in 1730 (over two hundred years ago and still standing) has details almost identical to ones shown on the Newcastle.

The Floor Plans. This is another very good example of a practical “center entrance” design which has worked out nicely without the expense of a large center stair hall. The first floor has a large living room, dinging room and kitchen. Note the suggested location for all kitchen equipment leaves plenty of room for drop leaf table and chairs.

The Second Floor. Three corner rooms with good closets and cross ventilation open off the upstairs hall.

The basement is planned for full excavation to contain laundry, fruit storage, heater, fuel and plenty of room for recreation.

The Normandy

35snormandycs 1

This attractive French or Normandy type house is another good example of a flexible plan, giving the maximum livable area at the lowest cost consistent with good construction. Distinguished by a beautifully designed turret, capped with antique weathervane and supported by half timber and stucco pediment, forming an interesting circular shaped vestibule.

The exterior walls as shown in the photograph, are planned for brick (not included in base price). We recommend using common brick painted white for best appearance. Stained shingles or wood siding can be used with equally pleasing results and at a considerable saving in cost.

The Floor Plans

The newest and one of the most popular ideas being used for both city and suburban homes is the “stepped-up” floor plan. By studying floor plans, you will note four levels. First – Excavated portion containing game room, laundry and heater room.

Second – Regular floor level with living room, dining room and kitchen. Third – Two bedrooms and bath and Fourth – If you desire to finish a third bedroom, a half flight of stairs carries you to the space over the living room.

The economical feature of this home is that you have to excavate only for a depth of 3 ft. (average excavation is 5 ft.) for the left wing only. This entire area can be planned for basement, if desired as the front part provides recreation room or attached motor room. Some have used this space for maid’s room and lavatory.

Note the large “L” shaped room devoted to living room and dining room. A pair of French doors in the back wall of the dining room opens on to the terrace. Kitchen is planned to receive all equipment necessary for step saving work center.

What Price Includes

Our base price includes all the material needed for this home consisting of lumber, lath, millwork, flooring, shingles, building paper, hardware, metal and paint material according to general specifications shown on pages 8, 9, 10 and 11. All Lumber furnished in convenient lengths.

Study introductory pages of this book and select the options which are carefully explained for your convenience. Buy your home from Sears and become a happy satisfied home builder.

The Oxford


Lots of fun—this building a home. From the hour you decide to go ahead until you move in, each day brings its stimulating moment in watching your dream house come true.

Of course there are times when the work seems to drag, but your impatience gives way to eager anticipation again when you wade through clean shavings and the fragrance of new wood and painting gets underway.

For many years the bungalow type home has been popular in all parts of this country. Successful designs with Colonial, English, or Spanish character are to found in the most restricted area.

The Oxford house is a modern adaptation of English architecture and is meeting with success among home builders where convenience and beauty are wanted at a low cost.

The exterior walls are planned to be covered with 24-inch Royal Read Cedar shingles, one dip coat and one brush coat of Super quality shingle stain for finish. The treatment of the front gable with half timber and stucco relieves any suggestion of plainness.

The plan contains four well arranged rooms, living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and bath. Every inch of space is used to the best advantage. The designer even thought about a handy place for your brooms at the top of the cellar stairs.

Reversed Floor Plans

The lot on which you plan to erect your “Honor Bilt” modern home may face so that the rooms which will give the best view or in which you want the morning or afternoon sun are on the wrong side.

You can overcome this objection by taking advantage of our reversed floor plan arrangement. Just mark your order “house to be reversed: and we will make all necessary changes in the materials and send you your complete plans stamped “reversed.”

The Parkside


Building a home by our famous ready-cut method is the same as having it built by the best contractor in your community, only all labor necessary in cutting framing is taken care of in our factory, saving you about 40 per cent of the carpenter labor and assuring you a much stronger building on account of the accuracy in cutting.

All the material which can be handled more economically by efficient machines, is cut to exact length and pattern. Each piece is marked with key letter or length which corresponds with those on blueprints, showing the exact location in which it is to be used.

No Extras to Buy

Remember that our complete delivered price includes everything to build your home, with the exception of cement, brick and plaster.

We not only guarantee quality but quantity as well. All ready-cut lumber, millwork, cellar frames, hardware, paint and metal work are included in the base price. Heating, Lighting, and Plumbing are quoted at option prices. All material carefully packed and shipped to arrive when needed.

Our complete detailed plans and instructions for erection explain exactly how materials are to be used.

Approved Construction

The framing of all Modern Homes meets the most rigid building codes and the requirements of the U.S. Bureau of Standards. Platform type of construction is recommended by the U.S. Government, Department of Commerce as the safest type for residential construction.

This attractive little home, although classed as a four-room house, really has five-room efficiency on account of the dining alcove which accommodates a drop leaf table and four chairs.

Just a cozy place for a small family to enjoy their meals. The front of the plan is devoted to living room, dining alcove, kitchen and rear hall, containing refrigerator platform.

A plastered arch is used in the opening between the living room and small hall which connects the two bedrooms and bath.

The home is planned for a full excavation, providing plenty of space for heating plant, laundry, fruit room and full storage.

Exterior Features

Side walls are covered with 24-inch clear Royal Red Cedar shingles, finished with one dip coat and one brush coat of Super quality stain. Clear moldings and batten type shutters and front door.

The Plymouth


The average American family purchases only one home in a lifetime and naturally, is interested in securing the most for their building dollars; economy, appearance, high quality materials and equipment, backed by a responsible merchandising organization.

Our modern homes (over 100,000 have been built) are testimonials of our ability to serve and help with the building of your new home. The specifications and descriptions you find in this catalog are honest statements regarding good construction and quality materials.

The Plymouth, typical American five room bungalow with well proportioned roof, cottage type windows and large front porch was designed for the family of average size. The plan is only 24 feet by 37 feet, but careful planning offers the largest rooms possible in the floor area. Also the comfort of good arrangement and orderliness of good closets.

It can be built on a lot from thirty-five to forty feet wide with plenty of room for side drive. Pictured as above, with proper trees and shrubs, its walls painted white or ivory and dark weathered roof, it surely is a home of which any American family of moderate means will be proud.

The Floor Plan

The left side of the plan is devoted to the living room, dining room, kitchen and combination grade cellar entrance with platform at kitchen door for refrigerator. The bedrooms and bath are connected with small hall opening off the dining room, giving necessary privacy.

Good wall space, large closets and plenty of windows are other features which have made this a very popular house.

The Ridgeland


Now is the Time to Build. A man who selects his home wisely and builds well will be in the happy position of owning property which will materially increase in value for many years to come. Your money invested in a home is a safe investment.

The Ridgeland is a story and a half English type home in which the details of the front gable projection and a fireplace chimney play an important part in the exterior appearance.

The outside walls are planned to be covered with 24-inch Red Cedar shingles laid with a wide exposure, and when stained a light gray or painted white, form a pleasing background with the dark colors on the shutters, roof and chimney. The shutters are batten type to match the circle head front door which is made more interesting by the use of ornamental iron hinges.

First Floor Plan

The gable projection at the front forms the necessary protection for the entrance and contains the vestibule. The first floor is a complete four room home in itself consisting of living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bath.

Many home builders appreciate the feature of a first floor bedroom which, if not needed, can be converted into a library, den or sun parlor.

Second Floor Plan

While the exterior of this home has the appearance of a one story bungalow, the construction of the high pitched roof forms two large bedrooms, each with good head room and large closets.

The outside dimensions are 28 ft. wide by 24 ft. deep. Height of first floor ceilings, 8 ft. 3 in., second floor, 8 ft. Basement, 7 ft. from cellar floor to joists. Planned for full excavation to contain fuel, storage, furnace and laundry.

The Salem


Last year we started to receive requests from all parts of the country for attractive low cost homes. High rents and the additional cost of living in the city created a desire on the part of many American families to own a small home in some attractive suburban area.

The requirements were for an inexpensive home, yet one which would be livable with comfortable size rooms, modern equipment and architecturally correct.

This attractive four-room Colonial home, the Salem, received immediate consideration from many prospective home builders. We know it will be a credit to your family and neighborhood.

The exterior walls are planned to be covered with clear bevel siding finished with three coats of Sears Master Mixed paint.

We suggest white or cream color to have house show to best advantage. Good window arrangement, broken roof lines and well balanced porch are other noteworthy details of the exterior.

The Floor Plan

From the front porch, you enter the living room, size 15 ft. wide by 11 ft. deep. The left portion of the plan is devoted to  the two bedrooms and bath. The connecting hall gives them the necessary privacy and contains a large linen closet. Each bedroom has a good closet and two windows with cross ventilation.

Note the kitchen is sufficiently large to accommodate a drop leaf table and four chairs, also plenty of space for range, work table, sink and cabinets. Rear entrance is provided by combination grade, and cellar stairs, with platform to accommodate refrigerator.

The basement has a ceiling height of 7 ft. and is planned to be excavated under the living room and kitchen portion only, providing plenty of space for furnace, fuel and laundry. This saves considerable on the cost of the foundation.

What Our Price Includes

Our base price includes all materials needed to build this four room and bath home, consisting of lumber, lath, millwork, flooring, shingles, building paper, hardware, metal and painting materials; complete detailed plans and instructions for erection.

Study the complete specifications on pages 8-11, and the many options on first quality heating, lighting and plumbing.

We do not hesitate to recommend “Honor Bilt” construction and materials, for they have been given the right thought to make your home a success.

Let our home planning experts with years of experience guide your home building program.

The Strathmore


“I am very proud of my “Honor Bilt” home. The arrangement of all the rooms and wardrobes is ideal and much time and money was saved by the material being ready cut.

I was well pleased with the superior quality of all the material which you sent and I figure that I saved about $1,000.00 by buying from you. If I should ever build another home it would be an “Honor Bilt.”—Dency Adams, Bowling Green, KY

The lure of the old world charm and the luxury of the new world comfort are incorporated in this beautiful six-room bungalow. Never before has there been an opportunity to build a home of such distinction and quality at low price made possible by our improved methods and facilities. Equal to the skill with which stucco, stone, brick and wide shingles are used in the English exterior, is the elegance and completeness of the interior appointments.

Stucco is planned to be used on the front wall between the left corner and chimney, and 24-inch shingles with wide exposure on the balance of the walls.

The foundation is 34 feet wide in front and 28 feet wide in back. The length is 41 feet 9 inches, plus 6 feet 5 inches for the cement terrace. Six rooms, four closets, bath, extra lavatory, spacious vestibule and numerous built-in features are included.

Colors which will emphasize the protecting sweep of the roof as it shelters the entrance, and enhance the contrast which makes the exterior effective, would be as follows: Buff stucco, cream stone, dark red and brown brick and gray wood shingles.

The front entrance from the terrace is into a large vestibule containing closet for outer wraps and forms the passageway to the living room, lavatory and front bedroom.

The living room is 20 feet 6 inches wide by 13 feet 8 inches deep and is well lighted by a balanced grouping of five windows and three casement sash above window seat. Every perspective of this room is good as to the proper size and placing of plaster arches, central fireplace, window seat with recessed bookcases and coved ceiling.

The dining room is of ample size and has two large windows.

The kitchen is at the left where you will find an ideal arrangement which makes the duties in this part of the home a pleasure. Broom closet, counter unit, two wall units and refrigerator (furnished at option prices) occupy the space along the back wall.

The compactness of this plan, plus the high quality of material and our famous ready-cut method of construction, enable you to obtain a dignified attractive home at the lowest possible cost.

The Vallonia


Judging from the photographs and letters which hundreds of satisfied home owners have written us, telling of their delight in its splendid features and wonderful value—the Vallonia is a real prize bungalow. It meets many living conditions because it lends itself to future growth without the expense of changing roof or foundation.

Wide overhanging eaves with wood bracket supports, large front porch and careful detailing of all exterior elevations give it a pleasing appearance from both perspectives.

Complete description of the guaranteed specifications for this home will be found on pages 8 to 11. Carefully study the list of options and indicate on Information Blank, the ones you wish to include in complete delivered price. Can be built on 35 foot lot.

The Floor Plans

First Floor. The living room and dining room, both large, well proportioned, with good wall space and plenty of light are connected by wide cased opening. Four windows light and ventilate the pleasant kitchen and pantry.

The rear hall or vestibule at the top of the grade an cellar stairs provides good refrigerator space. The center hall opening off the dining room connects and gives privacy to the two first floor bedrooms and bath. The bathroom is equipped with a nice Venetian mirrored medicine case and will accommodate modern fixtures shown by Specifications 20A or 21B.

Second Floor. Modern Home No. 13049A indicates the five room plan and a closed stairway is furnished, opening out of the dining room leading to the attic or unfinished portion.

If you desire the house with the rooms finished on the second floor, you can order Plan No. 13409B, in which case the stairs are changed to semi-open type. Eight big rooms in a modern, up-to-date house at lowest cost.

The Wilmore


A five room bungalow type design. One of the most popular of all American houses. In presenting this economical home, the Wilmore, we not only offer a compact plan of which every foot of floor space has been used to the best advantage, but have also worked out an attractive exterior along the lines commonly known as “Americanized English.”

The exterior walls of this home are planned to be covered with clear Red Cedar 24 inch shingles, laid with ten inch exposure. The walls are relieved of any suggestion of plainness by the careful grouping of large well balanced windows, circle head batten type front door with batten type shutters to match.

The specifications include one dip coat and one brush coat of Super quality shingle stain and we suggest using a light gray color with ivory or white trim, and dark brown or green for shutters and front door. All exterior moldings, trim and casings are of clear Cypress, the “Wood External,” to be covered with three coats of Sears Master Mixed paint.

This type home requires many pieces of material cut to special miter and detail. This work is all accurately handled in our factory by special machinery and saves you hundreds of dollars in constructing your home.

The Floor Plan

The entrance over the front terrace is into the vestibule which gives the desired protection and also furnishes a convenient place for hanging outer wraps.

The living room is 15 ft. 2 in. by 12 ft. 5 in., is well lighted by three large windows in the front and side walls. A large front gable covers the projection of the dining room located at the left and connected with the living room by a large plastered arch opening.

The kitchen is sure to make friends among housewives for it has a compact practical arrangement for range, table, refrigerator, sink and cabinets. Cross ventilation is another feature which will be appreciated.

Two well balanced bedrooms with large closets, and with bathroom between, make up the balance of the first floor plan. A small hall gives the necessary privacy to this part of the house and contains a closet for linen.

The size of the Wilmore home is 38 ft. wide and 24 ft. deep and can be built on a 45 ft. lot. Height of ceilings is 8 ft. 3 in. with 7 ft. basement planned to be excavated under the entire building and to contain furnace, laundry, fruit and fuel storage and plenty of space for recreation room, if desired.

Fill out the blank you will find on the back of this book for complete delivered price, copy of architectural perspective and floor plan, together with outline of specifications.

The Winona


The Winona bungalow is a popular American cottage type home. Broken roof lines, wide overhanging eaves supported with brackets, and full front porch gives it a pleasing appearance from either perspective.

The outside walls are planned to be covered with bevel siding which we suggest painting white, light gray or ivory.  The best grade of material and carefully prepared plans are needed for you to reproduce this home. They are included in our low cash price.

Plan No. 12010A. The vestibule contains a handy closet for outer wraps. The left side of the plan is devoted to the living room (size, 12 ft. 5 in. by 12 ft. 11 in.), dining room and kitchen.

The kitchen windows are placed high enough from the floor so sink or table will fit underneath. A plastered arch in the right wall of the dining room leads to small hall which connects the two bedrooms and bath.

Fill out blank with the type of heating, lighting and plumbing you desire us to include for your complete home. Size 24 ft. by 36 ft.

Plan No. 12010B. This practical plan is 24 ft. wide and 40 ft. in depth and contains six rooms. Living room and dining room with connecting arch have the appearance of one large room, size 12 ft. 5 in. wide and over 26 ft. long. Note stairs over cellar stairway, leading to large storage space in the attic. The grade platform is constructed to provide refrigerator space.

The right side of the plan is laid out for three bedrooms, each with closet. The bath is planned to accommodate fixtures according to Specification No. 21A or 22b with Venetian mirrored medicine case over the lavatory.

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