1928 Sears Honor Bilt Homes: Special Supplement


Honor Bilt Modern Homes are featured in this Sears Special Supplement, which was published about 1928.

There are 14 house styles that range from Craftsman bungalows to home styles reflecting Mediterranean and English cottage influences. Two house models have alternate floor plans that attest to their popularity.

In size, these Honor Bilt Modern homes are comparable to other kit homes that were produced during this period. Like the Aladdin homes, the Sears homes were available “Already Cut” and fitted for easy assembly on site.

So timeless are many of the styles, it’s easy to imagine building a home of this type now. It might entail modest updates, but overall the inherent design of each of these small homes has easily stood the test of time.

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The Barrington

The Barrington retains the dignity of an old English home and has the practical interior of modern American architecture. Whether you consider economy, beauty or convenience as of first importance, The Barrington home assuredly meets these and every point of merit with satisfaction.

Exterior features at once stamp the mark of quality. The well-balanced projection at the front forms the entrance, leading to it is a tapestry brick terrace, which is equipped with a porch seat. Sided with wide shingles and exposed fireplace chimney.

se barrington

The Conway

The Conway bungalow, with five or six rooms and bathroom, meets the need for a conservative and economically designed home. A study of the exterior discloses balanced proportions, a spacious front porch, gable and overhanging roof.

Floor plans of interiors, shown below, reveal a very practical layout, wherein every foot of space is used. As a result, all rooms are well planned to accommodate furniture. Well lighted and ventilated. The wonder of the house is how exactly right are all the little points.

se conway

The Crescent

To the folks who like a touch of individuality with good taste the Crescent bungalow makes a special appeal. The front door, wide lights, and windows have been admirably selected.

Seldom, indeed, do you find a more inviting front porch, hood supported by graceful columns, and entrance than we provide for this house. Your choice of two floor plans as shown.

se crescent

The Dover

The Dover heralds its English architecture, where this cottage type has been designed. It combines convenience, durability, and economy. Every foot of space is utilized. The plan is almost square. there is no waste in material.

Construction is of the best, thanks to our “Honor Bilt” system. The Dover design is in demand, and should bring a neat profit, if sold. The exterior is notable for its projecting vestibule and gable while the double potted fireplace chimney, rising at the left, gives both beauty and balance. Contrast is gained by the shingled roof, sloping low to the white siding.

se dover

The Kimberly

The Kimberly bungalow fulfills a popular demand for a combination of English and California architecture. Its interior has an up to date floor arrangement, giving the most light, ventilation and easy access between rooms.

Important, too, are the sturdy construction and the economy of cost of upkeep which has been planned in every detail, by our own staff of architects and engineers. No wonder the Kimberly makes such a desirable investment.

The exterior is noticeable for its dignified lines. Two sets of plain, sturdy, triple columns support the gabled porch, six 8 feet by 14 feet. The gable has rough cypress siding in the peak and louvres in the centers. Balance of side walls are shingled, while the attractive windows have batten shutters.

se kimberly

The Maywood

The Maywood two-story home bespeaks simplicity and worth. Designed after the finest in modern architecture, it makes an ideal home. Viewed from any angle its lovely proportion and balance is outstanding.

Every line is expressive of quality, durability and good taste. The roof is of the cottage type, an effect produced by the projection across the middle and by the peak, attractively broken by the shingles, to the front and dormer at the side of the upper floor, combined with green shutters, a clever color contrast is obtained.

The inset front porch with artistic seat and large side porch, with cement floor and pillars, are features that surely please. The Maywood home is “Honor Bilt” throughout and comes direct from factory-to-you. These are the reasons why you are able to save money.

se maywood

The Mitchell

The Mitchell follows the latest idea in English architecture with a touch of the popular California studio type. The refinement of a fine residence is noticeable in the economical design.

Modern throughout and well planned, it combines unusual beauty, year around comfort, liberal space, “Honor Bilt” construction and factory-to-you cost. Indeed, every detail is pleasing. Just look at the exterior! A stone walk leads to stone steps and up to the terrace.

Two gables, one higher than the other, bring out the beauty of the shingled sidewall and high roof. The higher gable is right over the French doors, and it has a louvre near the peak. A picturesque stone and brick chimney rises at the left of the door between the gables.

At its base, on the terrace, is a decorative colonial bench. Strap iron hinges on the sturdy arched front door and a quaint English lamp hanging above, bespeak the hospitality and happiness that dwell within.

se mitchell

The San Jose

The San Jose bungalow architecture is derived from the time when old Spain ruled our Southern Pacific Coast. It is another example of combining the beautiful Spanish mission lines, with the latest idea in a splendid floor plan.

Adaptable to any section of the country, it offers every modern comfort possible in a design of this kind. There is a double saving in its sturdy “Honor Bilt: construction, and our factory-to-you system. The rooms are carefully planned, providing ample space.

The housework is a pleasurable duty. The exterior is sided with stucco, the roof is shingled, and the eaves are shortened.

Among the attractive features are the tower with its grilled windows, the louvre in the gables, batten shutters that serve as a decoration to the French windows, and swinging gate in the arched passageway that leads to the side entry.

se san jose

The Sheffield

The Sheffield reflects the latest plan in bungalow architecture. It is another good example of combining beautiful English lines, with just a touch of the famous California studio type.

Adaptable to any climate, it offers every modern comfort. There is a saving in every dollar of its sturdy construction. the rooms are carefully planned to provide ample space, and reduce much of the housework.

All this beauty, comfort, and value make it not just a house, but a real home. The shingled exterior attracts passers-by. A high shingled roof, sloping down from pointed gables, is an outstanding feature. The front gable has rough cypress siding at the peak and an attractive louvre in the center.

Observe the smart effect of the brick chimney, topped with three pots, and its pleasing lines carried down to the ground. A trim, but sturdy column is all that is necessary on the stone porch. Note, also, the attractiveness of the front door.

An artistic gate, swinging on old fashioned strap iron hinges, opens to the passageway, leading to side entry.

se sheffield

The Starlight

The Starlight bungalow is one of our most popular designs. It is dignified and substantial in every detail.

Architects and builders say the Starlight has as good an arrangement, considering its size, as it is possible to have. It has the proper number of rooms for the average family. The careful planning, together with our direct-from-factory prices, gives the utmost for the money spent. More than twelve hundred have been built.

The main exterior features of this home are the hip roof which extends over the entire house and porch, the dormer, and the porch with its large columns and porch rail.

Here in the Starlight you can enjoy comfort in every room, and on a warm day the shady porch bids you welcome for rest, as there is room for hammock, swing, and other porch furniture. The porch is 24 feet by 8 feet, and can be glazed or screened in, making it practicable for the twelve months in the year.

se starlight

The Vallonia

The Vallonia is a prize bungalow home. It has been built in hundreds of localities. Photographs and many testimonials confirm the splendid features and value. Customers tell of saving as much as $2,500.00 on their Vallonia and often selling at a big profit.

The Vallonia is favored by a sloping, overhanging roof and shingled dormer which has three windows. Roof has a timber cornice effect. Sided with cypress (the wood eternal). Porch extends entirely across front of house, with latticework beneath porch floor.

Here under the shade of its roof (with option of screening for part or entire porch), you may enjoy leisure hours during summer on a swing or easy chair. Children quickly adopt this porch for play or study.

Perfect harmony in all details marks the architecture of the Vallonia. Every inch of material is “Honor Bilt” quality and workmanship.

se vallonia

The Van Jean

The Van Jean is an unusually well arranged Dutch Colonial house. It has many special features not generally found in houses of this price. It has a charming entrance that gives an atmosphere of welcome.

It has Colonial windows with divided lights above and one light below. Add to this the white siding and contrasting red or green roof with the red brick chimney and you have a home that is sure to charm the most critical.

The interior is cleverly planned. While it has the latest conveniences, the price is unusually low. Why? Because of careful planning and no wasted space. If a house of this size meets with your requirements, you will make no mistake in selecting the Van Jean.

se van jean

The Willard

The Willard, two-story English cottage type, adds distinction to any fine residential community, and is a remarkable value, thanks to our “Honor Bilt” System. The Willard fulfills the most exacting specifications for permanent construction, efficient floor plan, and makes a good investment.

Attractive features bespeak for the exterior. Observe the unusual gable over the projecting vestibule, and the brick chimney rising at its left.

Note, also, the quaint arched front door, with strap hinges, and the old English style lamp hanging above. A flower box is below the double window, just above the lovely green terrace.

Batten shutters, also add to the beauty of this ensemble. Dormer window looks out over the shingled roof. The latter has short eaves. The siding, too, is shingled.

se willard

The Winthrop

The Winthrop home presents a modernized edition of early American architecture, when simplicity and perfect balance featured that period. Examples of this really fine type are found in many sections originally settled by our ancestors.

Yet, in spite of the changing times, this style of architecture is still considered one of the best. A visit to some of the better suburban communities of our largest cities reveal the fact that handsome profits are made, when houses of this style are on the market.

The exterior expresses good taste. Its hooded gable front entry, supported by six columns, is at once dignified and inviting. Two dormer windows project from the shingled roof, harmonizing with the hooded gable.

Green batten shutters on the first floor windows contrast against the white siding. Interior planning is admittedly practical and modern.

se winthrop

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