Aladdin Kit Home Plans for 1916: Whether Large or Small, Aladdin Homes Delivered


The Aladdin 1916 catalog reflects Americans’ desire for a comfortable, affordable home, especially when the prospect of war is on the horizon.

Innovations in domestic architecture included indoor bathrooms for many models, though it was still common for them to be absent. Built-in clothes closets in bedrooms were also more prevalent and began to replace freestanding armoires and linen presses.

Aladdin kitchens were empty; it was up to the homeowner to decide what furnishings were required. Most homes still used woodstoves, so it wasn’t uncommon for a kitchen to have little more than a big wood stove, a table and chairs, and a built-in sink and drainboard.

The last essential component was storage for pots, pans, and staples. Aladdin offered a nice built-in cabinet and free-standing Hoosier-type cabinets that were every homemaker’s dream.

In addition to the house plans listed, the 1916 catalog includes plans for tiny summer cottages, optional additions, and barns. Other options include bathroom fixtures and full suites of matched light fixtures.

The Albany

a albany

We believe the Albany will interest you if you are looking for a square-type bungalow pattern. It has several unique features: spindle porch rail, slight, graceful curve to the roof, and dormer roofs in accord with main roof lines.

The porch leading from the dining room admits very easily of being screened. On the first floor is one sleeping room, desired by many, and a bath. The first floor is complete with a large living room, dining room, and a well-lighted kitchen.

On the second floor are three pleasant bedrooms, each of which has a large clothes closet. Side walls will be finished if desired with siding at no extra charge.

The Brentwood

a brentwood

This most charming dwelling has a host of admirers. Its individuality is apparent in many ways. The broken roof, second story balcony, hooded front entrance, semi-enclosed porch, pergola porte-cochere with French doors leading to dining room, casement windows in front and full attic form a delightfully attractive whole.

The house will be furnished with either siding, shingles, or stucco exterior. The bay window projects three feet and is ten feet wide. The pergola at the side is furnished with tin roof, giving protection against snow and rain.

This pergola can be furnished with a floor, giving a side veranda instead of a porte-cochere.

A most unusual and distinctive idea is the little balcony with double French doors from the upper sewing room.

Note the sleeping room leading from the sitting or dressing room on the second floor. This gives all the advantages of the sleeping porch with none of its inconveniences. This sleeping room has four windows. Linen closet is arranged in hall, a very large closet from the sewing room, and each bedroom has a closet.

The first and second-story hall is commodious, while a pure Colonial-type stairway is furnished. The built-in dining room buffet allows for dishes, linen, and silver.

A Tennessee owner (name upon request) writes about his Brentwood: My Brentwood is the town’s admiration. It was ready for plastering two weeks after the first nail was driven. I saved about $700 with Aladdin’s help.” Could you wish for greater assurance of your satisfaction than from the pen of this owner?

The Burbank

a burbank

This picture tells a better story of Aladdin Golden Rule Service than anything that could be put into words. Our good friend stands on the porch, proud of his industry’s result, appreciative of his home’s individuality and distinction, and enthusiastic in his praise of Aladdin’s materials and service.

In his choice of an Aladdin home, the extreme simplicity of outline of the Burbank appealed to him strongly, and he saw the possibilities of shingled walls in a velvety brown, a soft green roof, and an edging of pure white about the windows and eaves.

The partial seclusion of the commodious porch with trailing vines took his fancy.

But he is especially enthusiastic over the convenience of the rooms. Three fine bedrooms, a dining room of unusual proportions, and an excellent living room having grouped windows afford ample accommodations for a large family. The kitchen is lighted by two windows and has cellar stairs and an outside entrance.

Beautifully finished woodwork and floors of the purest lumber complete a home to the last degree of satisfaction. Should you select the Burbank, or any other Aladdin home, you can certainly be assured of a result as splendid as illustrated on this page.

In further proof of this we will be glad to furnish you with the names of many Aladdin homeowners who will vouch for their satisfaction, who will tell you of the money that they have saved and will even urge you to join the big Aladdin family.

The Chester

a chester
a chesterplan

Brown shingles trimmed with white distinguish this little home from the ordinary-looking cottages found in most communities. The Chester is a trim, neat, compact, and pretty bungalow. Its five rooms are nicely arranged, its porch roomy, and every room is well lighted.

Not the spacious, airy living room that stretches the full width of the house and gives a view in both directions and front. Arch separates the dining room while two bedrooms and a kitchen complete the home.

You are privileged to choose any paint and stain colors for shingles and exterior trimming. You can have the most modern ideas worked out in your interior decorations with various stains, varnishes, and paints illustrated on our color cards.

Most owners of the Chester write us about the pleasure they derived from erecting and completing it themselves. You can do this easily.

“The Aladdin house is a rich man’s house but is in reach of every working man. I saved about $500 on my bungalow.” – L. L. Huyck.

The Charleston

a charleston

There are many good points in the Charleston, a modern square-type design. The first noticeable feature is the deep bay windows in front, both stories, also on one side. These give free sight in all directions and ample light.

The interior arrangement is one for convenience. The front entrance is gained through a large reception hall with a semi-open stairway and an arched entrance to a large living room. This feature has proven popular, as it can be used for one room and still retain the convenience to two.

The kitchen has proved attractive to busy housewives. A rear entrance leads to the back porch, while the grade entrance at the side leads to the outdoors and basement, saving many steps.

Four large bedrooms and baths are arranged on the second floor – plenty of light. All exterior walls of siding. Beautiful Colonial columns support the porch roof, and a three-quarter length glass door adds greatly to the appearance. The Charleston is a good, substantial, roomy home.

The Carnation

a carnation

The Homestead – to use a quaint old English term which is so full of meaning – is more than a mere shelter, “a place of permanent family abode.” It is a part of ourselves, an expression of our personal tastes and convictions, a place where children may grow and learn and play, where men and women find work and rest and happiness, and where old age may come with understanding, comfort and peace.

This is the ideal toward which every American is looking and toward which Aladdin is working. Most people have the ideal, but lack the experience and knowledge to work it out.

This modest little home with its restful simplicity has filled the hearts of a great many families. Back of its beauty and its convenience is the Aladdin Golden Rule Service which supplies to you the full knowledge and experience coming out of years of cooperation with many thousands of home-builders and their problems.

Don’t you think it most reasonable to believe that this service will be almost invaluable to YOU? It seems hardly necessary to add a mention of the interesting double windows with divided lights, the most unusual treatment of columns at the entrance or the many good things about the interior arrangement.

These become more and more apparent as you study the plans deeply. And the “goodness” of all the materials making up the whole give the owner the final touch of satisfaction. If you will ask for full detail descriptions and specifications of the Carnation, they will be gladly sent to you.

The Castle

a castle

Where have you seen a home that was better adapted to a corner lot or a lot between streets than the Castle? Notice the living room and dining room. Both are located at the front of the house, and both are separated from the kitchen, with no inconvenience to the housewife.

But now, notice the price. Have you ever heard of a like bargain?

It is hard to realize that this home can be purchased at this low figure. Think of it, complete material at a price that would not ordinarily buy a three-room house at the local lumber dealers. In addition to your getting this home at one-half the usual cost, you get a better home.

The Aladdin Readi-Cut System of Home Building is better than the old saw-measure-fit-on-the-ground system because it accomplishes the work better, quicker, and cheaper. Every piece of material in the house – siding, flooring, studding, joists, rafters, etc., is cut to fit in our mills by the finest machines.

The result is accuracy of joints and your house is stronger, warmer, and tighter than if built by ordinary cut-to-fit methods. Waste in material cannot occur. Every inch of lumber you pay for is actually in and a part of your house.

You know the lumber that’s wasted costs just as much as the lumber that’s used. The average house built by the old way wastes 18 per cent of the lumber – $18 out of every $100 of your money is wasted – burned up for kindling wood.

Let us tell you more about this home. Write us today and we will send you complete detail descriptions and specifications.

The Cumberland

a cumberland

The Cumberland is an extremely sensible type of home of trim, clean, architectural lines and most satisfying interior arrangement. The roof lines flare at the eaves, holding the height of the roof down, while the dormer window breaks the front.

The porch rail is surely effective and harmonizes nicely with the house itself. The reception hall appeals to many home-builders. This hall leads to the living room, to the kitchen and upstairs and to the grade cellar entrance.

Not the least of the good things about this house will be found the beautifully grained woodwork throughout. Of course this is all clear lumber, free from all defects and can be given any finish desired.

Note the large living room, large pantry and the four good bedrooms. And the Cumberland is spoken of as among the most desirable of our square type of house.

“Last fall I purchased the ‘Cumberland’ and now that it is completed, I want to thank you for your treatment in the purchase of same, as you saved me a great deal. Your Dollar-A-Knot guarantee is surely true to name and I have one of the prettiest places in southern Michigan. Have had more than a dozen chances to sell.” – J. H. O’Neil.

The Colonial

a colonial

This modern home with its distinctive features has a large number of admirers. The general appearance, both design and arrangement of detail, place it in a colonial architecture, while many original ideas are added. The windows with divided lights and simple dormers breaking the front roof, are purely of New England origin, often referred to as “severe, simple, and quiet.”

Credit is due to Southern designers for the semi-circle porch and front entrance detail; also the broad and heavy side porch. The interior expresses modern ideas.

The large size porch is an excellent summer season auxiliary to living room, as both run parallel, with entrance doors on either side of the fireplace. Library directly adjoins living room. Dining room and kitchen arranged on opposite side of house are separated by entrance hall and staircase.

Four corner bedrooms on second floor are well ventilated and easily accessible to hallway and bathroom. This home is fascinating in appearance and has much of the sought-for distinction.

Of course you will want to know a great many things about the Colonial, if this handsome home appeals to you, things that there is not enough space to tell about here. Upon request we will send complete detail specifications and go into all the interesting facts.

The Detroit

a detroit

An enthusiastic owner of this attractive semi-bungalow wrote saying: “The more I see the Detroit and the longer we live in it the greater becomes our love for it. After a year, we cannot suggest how your architects could make it more attractive or your designers improve the arrangement.

This I believe you will admit is exceptional because usually after giving a house that most sure test of actually living in it, you have some improvement or changes you would make. We have none.”

Who will not agree that actually living in a house is the best test? We believe though the longer you study the design and arrangement of the Detroit, the more fully you will realize why this owner has no improvements to suggest.

Without being gaudy it is attractive, without being elaborate it is ample. No attempt has been made to embellish, yet you could not add anything without really destroying – in short the Detroit seems to stand complete – with nothing to add or leave off.

Notice how the porch extending the entire width of the house has been made not a seemingly attached part, but a real part by carrying over the main roof lines, while the double porch columns seem to give just the right stability for this construction style.

Artistic grouping of different style windows; open cornice, exposed rafters, straight line dormer, and an especially artistic porch rail construction seem to leave nothing to be desired.

In interior arrangement the Detroit is equally pleasing. The pleasant living room has opening off from it at the left the downstairs sleeping room for those who wish, or the den or library for those that desire only sleeping rooms on the second floor.

The broad arch way gives easy access to the well lighted dining room. Notice the combination of kitchen exit, basement and grade entrance. Compact, convenient and protected. The well lighted kitchen with abundant wall space is especially pleasing to the housewife.

Our attractive semi-open stairs lead to a central hall on second floor off from which open the sleeping rooms and bath. Notice the size of the bedrooms – each of which has a large clothes closet.

After in your imagination you have inspected the interior with our beautifully grained knotless fir finish, and again studied the artistic exterior, we believe you will agree with the many delighted Detroit owners.

The Duplex

a duplex

The Aladdin two-family house. The Duplex is produced as the result of a large demand we have had fro a double house. The double house has some very attractive features. It enables its owner to live in one part and secure a good rental from the other – and his return is constantly much greater than if he had built two separate houses.

Besides this, the double or two-apartment house is a necessity where ground space is costly and homes scarce. The Duplex design has none of the disagreeable features so common in two-apartment homes.

Both first and second floors are complete homes in themselves with separate front and rear entrances. The floor plan gives one an idea of the convenience and comfort to be had for both occupants of the Duplex.

Both floors contain living room, dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, bath, pantry, front and rear porches. One Aladdin customer who has erected three Duplex apartment houses says the completed cost of each of his Aladdin buildings showed a net saving of $560 each.

The Dresden

a dresden

The Dresden will appeal to you as being an ideal home. The picture, which was taken on a midsummer’s day, shows a number of features that are not found in the average home.

Notice the porch – the shelter and relief it provides from the hot summer sun. Every inch of the one hundred and twenty square feet of floor space on this porch seems to hold a charm for the comfort seeker. And as much can be said of the inside of the home.

Notice the picture, showing windows raised. It is possible to practically open up the home on four sides giving the utmost in ventilation, making all rooms light and airy, cool and pleasant.

Before reading further, look over the floor plan carefully. What do you think of it? Isn’t it just right for convenience – doesn’t it appeal to your ideas of “home?” Notice the long stretch – practically twenty-four feet – thru living room and dining room.

The daylight rooms are arranged on one side of the home and possess every desired feature – plenty of light and air, spaciousness and ease in accessibility; adapted to any arrangement or setting of furniture. Plenty of space in the bedrooms with good closets in each, makes a home that will give you great satisfaction and much convenience.

Your friends will agree with your judgment in selecting this home of homes – The Dresden. All of the pictures shown in the Aladdin catalog are from photographs sent us of actual Aladdin homes erected in different parts of the country by our customers.

This is true of practically no other catalog. The photographs show what you can do with Aladdin’s Readi-Cut System of Construction and Aladdin’s Dollar-A-Knot lumber.

The Edison

a edison

Before reading this description, what did you think of the Edison?

Well, it has impressed others the same way – as being one of the prettiest little bungalows ever built. And every owner is more pleased with the Edison after it is completed. When the beautiful lines of this home are fully realized – then it is possible to see the broad and expansive porch sweeping across the entire front of the house, also the careful formation of the roof covering the porch.

And did you notice the broad eaves with exposed rafters? This feature seems to belong to this home alone. And the diamond divided lights in the upper sash are in complete harmony with the balance of the beautiful home. Study the interior, the arrangement of rooms. Isn’t it ideal?

The living room and dining room, divided by an archway are really one big room, but they still retain the convenience of two. Each sleeping room affords plenty of air. The bathroom is well planned and is large enough for bathroom fixtures with plenty of space to spare.

For design, convenience and price, don’t you think the Edison is the prettiest little bungalow you have seen? And when this bungalow is stained a dark brown and trimmed in pure white you have a most artistic and beautiful result.

The Englewood

a englewood

Here is a farmhouse for the busy farmer. It has exactly the features necessary for farm efficiency. Plenty of shelter for extra hands in busy seasons. Convenient in its arrangement and built for strength and durability, this design is one that you should consider seriously.

Of the Aladdin Houses designed for farm purposes, the Englewood is one of the largest with very attractive features. First, notice the floor plans or room arrangement for first and second floors.

The busy parts of the house are roomy, light and easily reached when needed. The large kitchen, which the housewife appreciates, is connected with either milkhouse, pantry or basement stairs, any one of which is but a few steps away.

Next in importance, are the sleeping rooms, which are separated from the rest of the house. One bedroom on the first floor with six bed rooms on second floor – each extra large and well lighted.

In the two back bedrooms on the second floor it is possible to place two double beds. This feature is valuable on the large farm and no doubt appeals to you.
Notice the size of dining room. It will permit a dining table twelve feet long that will seat sixteen people at one time.

And the living room – the gathering place for the few leisure hours on the farm – is easily shut off from the rest of the house by closing the sliding doors in the archway. This Aladdin pleases its owners and they are always loud in their praise of its many features.

The Florence

a florence

Pride of ownership! The very attitude of every member of the family in this picture denotes pleasure and satisfaction with their home: even to the extent of painting a small neat name, that all who pass may know.

The Florence is quite extraordinary in the almost universal appeal it has on observers. It is as clean in outline as a Greek temple and surely as pleasant to look upon as any home could be.

To the lover of simplicity the Florence has a strong attraction, its well balanced and commodious porch, finely proportioned roof and dormer window, wide front windows and shingled gables all being in perfect harmony.

And the material from which the whole is moulded is all as perfect as can be taken out of the forest. The owner has no lingering memories of paint covered defects to spoil his pride of ownership. The siding, the trim, the shingles, and the porch work are entirely free from knots or other defects.

The interior will appeal to the housewife. It rather surprises you to learn that there are three fine bedrooms, giving a large family ample accommodations. Living room is centrally located, which is much desired by many families.

The bathroom is well placed, while the kitchen is made more roomy by a light pantry. Well placed cellar stairs give access to the basement from the kitchen. Beautiful floors and woodwork distinguish all Aladdin houses and of course give the finished effect to the Florence as to all our other designs.

The Forsyth

a forsyth

An interesting development of shingles! The Forsyth is extremely simple in outline, but this absence of embellishment makes possible so much house for so small a price.

To fully appreciate the Forsyth you must take its exterior attractions into consideration with the large amount of floor space and interior advantages.

The cosy sheltered porch is essentially delightful to it’s owners. A beautifully finished front door is bordered by two narrow windows giving excellent light to the entrance hall.

Large windows balance the front of the house and make both the living room and the dining room cheery. The location of the two bed rooms, bath and kitchen have been carefully studied for convenience. The picture of the particular Forsyth which we show here has two chimneys, one at each end; that in the living room for an open fireplace and that on the opposite end for furnace or kitchen stove.

Of course you appreciate that on a small catalog page it is impossible to fully illustrate or describe the Forsyth, but upon request we send you a more complete description together with detailed specifications and give you ALL the facts you will want to know about it.

Refer to colored pictures in the rear of this book for an understanding of the beautiful interior finish and hardware fittings. They cannot be surpassed regardless of price.

This is the eleventh year of steady growth of the Aladdin Readi-Cut System of Construction.

It has been approved by the United States Government and by the Michigan State Government in houses furnished them; it has received the Highest Award by the Panama-Pacific International Exposition and by the Michigan State Agricultural Society, and has thousands of everyday American citizens in every state in the Union.

The Grant

a grant

Marked by individuality and a charm all its own, the Grant offers a type that has the advantage of three bedrooms. While it is of the story and a half design, it maintains excellent bungalow lines.

The gable roof porch with grouped columns and built up rail is a notable divergence from the ordinary. The dormer windows nesting on the roof give light and air to the upper rooms. Double and triple windows afford the same advantages to living room and dining room.

The Grant will give you a great big value for your money and will always be highly satisfying.

Here is another point: Aladdin Houses are always shipped by fast freight. Seven mills – four in the United States and three in Canada – save you money in shipping, no matter where you live. Your order is ready for shipping a short time after it is received.

It is not necessary to hire carpenters to erect your home – you can do it yourself. Why not take a short vacation when your house arrives and put it up yourself? It is simple. Every piece is marked and numbered. Instructions, which are very clear and easily understood, tell you how to advance with the work.

And think of the joy you would find in building it yourself! Think of the pride you would take in telling your friends that you erected it, and besides, think how much more you could save!

Many Aladdin owners, finding it impossible to do all the work themselves, hired day labor to start the erection of their homes and completed it in spare time, before and after work.

Save the dealer’s profits, the middleman’s profits and the builder’s profits – Aladdin guides you in the work, from the first nail to the last coat of varnish on the inside finish.

Why not plan on building your home – the Grant – during the year’s vacation?

The Gretna

a gretna

Here is a complete five-room dwelling with all the beauty of simplicity of design. It has appealed so strongly to home builders and has met their needs so satisfactorily that you will find Gretnas scattered throughout the length and breadth of the land. It has been and is one of our very best sellers.

The demand for it is constant. It is particularly desirable where ground space is not too expensive, as its width of thirty feet really requires a lot of forty feet or wider. Its long porch, sash door and casement windows give charm to the exterior, while the large living room, bedrooms, dining room and kitchen furnish as convenient and desirable an interior arrangement as can be had in a home costing much more money.

Throughout you have the same excellent construction that is found in every Aladdin house, yet the lines of construction are so simple that scores of Gretna owners have built their entire house without any assistance from carpenters.

The Gretna is distinctly a house for the home-loving man of moderate means, because without sacrificing attractiveness, convenience, or essentials, the cost has been brought within the reach of all. Either floor plan shown will be supplied at the same price.

The Georgia No. 2

a georgia 2

The Georgia presents a most unusual combination of true bungalow and two-story house. Excellent judgment by the designers gives it character and distinction. Observe the manner in which the exterior walls are divided by a belt, apparently cutting down the height, while the lower story is sided and the upper shingled.

Timber brackets balance the overhanging roof, which is splendidly proportioned. The porch is unusual in shape and type, the longitudinal section being covered by a roof that partakes of the form and pitch of the main roof, but is relieved by the jutting gable covering that section of the porch floor projection away from the front door.

Square tapering columns supported by pedestals and joined by a well designed railing complete the porch.

Note the paired casement windows which afford excellent light to the interior. The upper gable windows are given an interesting touch by the little bracket supported hoods. Living room, dining room, kitchen, grade cellar entrance, three bed rooms, bath and closets constitute a complete housekeeping establishment.

And everything about this home gives a feeling of quality and refinement. One purchaser alone erected ten Georgias in 1915, an unusual tribute to its popularity.

The Hopeton

a hopeton

This attractive house is a very popular design, and has found favor in all localities. It presents a composite and harmonious design, very attractive from the outside and exceptionally convenient interior.

It is a square house, such as many people prefer, and interior is arranged very attractively. The special design double window in dining room, with upper sash of divided glass, makes dining room very light and attractive.

Arch leads from living room to dining room, closet off bed room , and cellar stairs off kitchen. If desired, the dining room and living room will be supplied in one large 12×24 ft. room.

One particular feature of the Hopeton is that it is easily heated. A large number of this particular design have been erected in Northern countries where the thermometer usually falls to thirty or more below zero.

One owner who heats his home with a hard coal burner used but three and one –half tons of hard coal for a sever winter of five months. Another owner, using the Aladdin Pipeless Furnace burned but six and a half tons in what he says was “the hardest winter I ever saw.”

  • Price No. 2 $585.00
  • Cash Discount, 5%
  • Net Price $555.75

This house would cost not less than $1,200 if built by a contractor and is worth that amount in any part of the United States.

The Kentucky

a kentucky

Is it not a beauty in every line? Simplicity is the keynote, yet what could be added to improve its attractions? While it reminds one of the stately colonnades of old colonial mansions, it still retains the delightful atmosphere of modern American bungalows.

The broad expanse of porch, with plain Tuscan columns and projecting eaves successfully blends these two most desirable types without losing the dignity of the one or the cozy hominess of the other. Double front doors seem to open wide a hospitality of true American spirit.

Casement windows with divided lights swing into living room, dining room, and bed room from the porch. Both living room and dining room are unusually will lighted. T

he Kentucky Bungalow has made a remarkable impression on our customers, having attained as great a degree of popularity as any design we have ever produced. The window blinds shown are included with the Kentucky.

The Leota

a leota

“Craftsman” front door, casement windows grouped in pairs and side walls shingled are the particular ideas moulded into the Leota. Another new thought is the side entrance to the porch. The porch posts should be very heavy and built of concrete as well as the porch floor.

The interior arrangement is well illustrated by the floor plans shown below. This little gem of a bungalow will match homes of many times its cost in both material and construction. Beautifully grained interior woodwork, frosted brass hardware fittings and the finest stains and varnishes to be bought combine to give you a most interesting bungalow.

Note the casement windows with divided lights and exposed rafter ends. This bungalow is worth nearly two thousand dollars, without the lot. You’ll like every feature of it. The Leota is built of the same materials and in identically the same way as the Aladdin house which was erected at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, and which was awarded the highest prize by the International Jury of Awards.

It is built of the same material and identically the same way as the homes of the President and the other North American Construction Company officers.

The same beautiful, clear and flawless lumber, high priced paints, stains, varnishes and hardware are furnished as in all Aladdin houses. While no cellar is shown under the Leota from which this picture is taken, you can of course have a full cellar, as in any other home.

The Marsden

a marsden

Each year the sales of this attractive semi-bungalow far exceed the preceding year, and best of all its rapidly increasing number of owners are invariably delighted with their new home.

We wish you could read some of the entertaining letters, without solicitation, received from scores of Marsden owners. They will of course be sent on request.

Just study the lines of this bungalow and note how artistically appointed is every part, – the straight line dormer with exposed eaves in exact keeping with the eave of the front porch – the extended bay window with roof and brackets, breaking the gable end – the windows of different sizes and styles and location – these and many other points make the exterior of the Marsden truly artistic.

In interior planning and arrangement, this modern bungalow presents what might well be said to be the last word in designing. On entering the large living room, 26×16, extending across the entire front, one is attracted by the beautiful bookcase arch separating the living and dining rooms.

Beautiful in itself, yet this arch by means of its glass doors and adjustable shelves forms at once a convenient, attractive and useful piece of house furnishings. Notice the abundance of light in living and dining rooms.

A well arranged kitchen with stairs leading to grade landing complete the first floor. Ascending to the second floor by the semi-open stairs at end of living room, one enters a central hall from which easy access is gained to each of the three large bedrooms and the bath.

Please note the clothes closet with each bedroom – a most appreciated adjunct for every sleeping room. The price includes everything above the foundation to complete the bungalow. Front steps, grade entrance and cellar stairs. Siding can be substituted if desired for wall shingles at no additional cost.

The Massachusetts

a massachusetts

Did you ever see a more beautiful picture of its kind than the one shown here? A mass of lights and shadows softening the greens, browns and grays of the foliage shingles and cobbles delights the eye. You can almost feel the touch of the sunbeams patterning the lawn, and you just want to stroll up the steps and into the inviting shade of the porch.

Most effectively has the pure white that borders every outline been used to contrast the deep brown of the shingled upper story. The great nine-food chimney of cobble stones is so much a part of the whole that it seems to have always stood majestically there, and the timbers been formed about it.

Examining further we find a living room of expansive dimensions, thirty feet one way and sixteen feet the other, with timbered ceiling. Matching the size of the living room is a dining room twenty feet in depth and sixteen feet broad; large enough for a real banquet. The kitchen, pantry and grade entrance occupy the other rear half.

The second story illustrates four bedrooms, bath and closets.

The Massachusetts eaves project four feet, rather a Swiss idea, and are supported by well proportioned brackets. The porte cochere at the left is a highly appreciated convenience in these days of automobiles. It is surely a home of most striking individuality.

The Maples

a maples

The Maples is of the more conservative type of bungalow. At first glance, you will notice that simple lines are here made into a practical, substantial home. It has found great favor among Aladdin customers.

The low roof, wide eaves, odd windows, exposed rafter ends and altogether attractive simplicity make a very pretty exterior without going to extremes in decoration. Much credit for the convenient arrangement of the interior is due to the fact that the house is square.

Notice the manner in which the sleeping rooms occupying one side of the house are separated from the living rooms. The spacious living room at the front has an abundance of light and comfort with outside entrance, entrance to front sleeping room and wide entrance to the dining room.

Dining room is easily reached from back bedroom, living room and kitchen, and is well lighted on all sides. The kitchen is placed opposite dining room with outside entrance to the rear.

Owners of the Maples claim for it the most convenient and comfortable arrangement. Ask us for names of Maples owners near you and let them tell you in their own words.

The New Eden

a new eden

This home, the New Eden, shows the result of careful planning before building – and it is surely gratifying to its many owners among Aladdin customers. On a ground space of 20×20 feet, this home gives more room, more comfort, more convenience than has ever before been obtained.

Two stories, having two bedrooms upstairs, a hall, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, an open stairway, a porch, and above all, an attractive looking house. It is so well liked by its many happy owners, that it is common for them to call it the “Wonder Home” on account of its low price, abundance of space, and its convenience.

Notice the features on the exterior. A broad belt across the front of the house divides first and second stories, giving a pleasing and harmonious effect.

The half sheltered porch is a pleasant feature and is well built for strength, attractiveness and harmony. The full length column, fronted by pedestals, makes a comfortable porch. The diamond paned window to the left of the front door gives plenty of light to the stairway and adds attractiveness to the front of the house and porch.

Living room and dining room are divided by a wide arch, making them practically one room. Both rooms are well lighted and of good size. Notice the double window in the dining room.

Two men can erect and complete this house in exactly six days. It can be done by any two men who are willing to work, assisted by our complete instructions and illustrations.

The Pomona

a pomona

If there is such a thing as personality in a home the Pomona surely expresses the feeling in every angle and line. Bathed in a hot summer sun’s rays, its wide eaves, shady porch and many windows offer cooling protections; or blanketed by winter’s snows it nestles snugly compact, and inviting the traveler to its protection.

Walls of siding and shingles, building paper; sheathing, studding and lath and plaster are equally good non-conductors of heat and cold. Externally, many interesting ideas are worked out and each blends naturally into the whole.

Observe the tapered porch pillars of stucco, surmounted by clean lined columns of the same design. The chimney outline matches this plan, as does the rafter ends and the projecting ends of belt encircling the house above the water table.

Brackets supporting the eaves are shaped differently than any other bungalow you ever saw, while the porch rail is embellished by a band running midway between the upper and lower rails.

An especially notable feature of the interior arrangement is the abundance of unbroken wall spaces in all rooms. Can’t you just imagine where you would place each piece of furniture? Two plans are illustrated, one story and two story. In the one story, the front room is adaptable to use as den or bedroom, in the latter case giving three bed rooms.

Good closets are observable in both designs. Price two-story, $1,510.00. Cash discount 5%. Net price, $1434.50.

The Plaza

a plaza

This magnificent bungalow secures inspiration from one of the best known bungalows in Pasadena, California. An interesting effect is secured by the treatment of gables composing the roof. This is highly typical of the true California bungalow.

To the lover of large porches the Plaza has an especially strong appeal. The front section of porch extends twenty-six feet from the entrance to the left, and thirty-one feet from the front along the side.

Over the rear section of the side porch a timbered pergola gives opportunity for vines. Entering the front door you have a view through the living room and dining roof for thirty feet.

Just off the dining room, and with direct entrance to the kitchen, is a dainty breakfast room. This room can, of course, be used as a den or sewing room, at the owner’s discretion. Grade cellar entrance from the kitchen, three fine bedrooms, bath and closets complete this splendid floor plan arrangement.

A true craftsman front door, and our famous Arch A-1 illustrated in back of catalog are included in the price. This arch may be used as bookcases, facing the living room, or china closets facing the dining room.

Owners of the Plaza are delighted with it, as you cannot fail to be should you select it. It will save you from $400 to $900 under what could be built by the old way of building, with inferior materials. Send for complete detail specifications.

The Rossley

a rossley

Are you interested in the Old English style of architecture? If so, we are certain that you will be delighted with the Rossley. Every detail reveals the careful attention that has been given to make this home artistic, modern and convenient.

Notice how the front entrance from grade is protected by the heavy overhang forming the balcony to second floor landing. Passing through this beautifully designed front entrance one enters a large vestibule, and double French doors.

Ascending by wide steps to the first floor, one is charmed with the view and pleased with the arrangement. Directly in front are the double glass doors affording an excellent view of the den; to the right are the doors leading to kitchen, breakfast room and side grade entrance.

On entering the large living room, one is delighted with the plan, which includes large French doors leading to the sun parlor. The sun parlor has the center pair of each set of windows swinging open, thus affording a delightfully protected and secluded open porch in pleasant weather.

Opening off from the den at the rear is a glass door leading to another semi-open porch. On returning to the front hall, the visitor at once is attracted by the massive yet artistic stairway leading to the balcony and second floor. We wish you could stand there to see for yourself.

The massive square column, the wide, easily ascending stairs, the large, brilliantly lighted balcony combine to make this one of the most attractive and unique plans. It is so far removed from the ordinary, so massive and yet so artistic, that it becomes a distinctive feature in the architecture of the Rossley.

Each of the four well lighted bedrooms on the second floor has a large clothes closet in connection. Convenient stairs lead to a well lighted third floor.

The home from which this picture was taken was built by us in Bay City and is finished in stucco or pebble dash, and the roof has every fifth row of shingles laid double to give the ridged appearance so easily seen. If desired shingles or siding can be furnished for side walls.

The Richmond

a richmond

Many things distinguish the Richmond and set it apart from most homes. It’s human nature to want things just a little different from average, or ordinary. And to one who really seeks originality, dignity, and withal, convenience, the Richmond will have a strong appeal.

An impression of dignity is first gained by the colonnade. Extra large Colonial columns excellently spaced support the expansive roof and give balance to the front elevation.

Four windows make the living room very light indeed. Two groups of triple windows in the dormer serve the double purpose of embellishing the roof and making an exceptionally interesting bedroom on the second floor. Shingled walls and well balanced eaves are worthy your notice.

A beautiful front door opens into reception hall with open stairway and an arch leads into a 14×18 foot living room. A cosy little den, or children’s room is recessed back of the stairway. Another arch separates the dining room, which is 12×16 feet in size. Cellar entrance and pantry lead from the kitchen.

The second story has five good bedrooms, bath and closets. The Richmond will meet every wish for the comfort and pleasure of a large family and will effect a saving of nearly $1,500 to the builder, compared with usual construction costs.

The Ravenswood

a ravenswood

In designing the exterior and interior of this attractive bungalow our architects have secured a grace of lines and a convenience of arrangement that at once challenges the attention of every home lover.

The wide L-shaped porch insures at all times a secluded and protected place to sit, while the large square porch columns combined with the wide over-hanging eaves give the porch an appearance of grandeur seldom found in a much more expensive home. Wide front steps, casement windows, exposed rafters and heavy cornice brackets lend their added charm.

In the interior arrangements just as great skill has been displayed to make the home modern and convenient as was given the exterior treatment to make it attractive and artistic. The large living room, which at first seems removed from the rest of the house, on closer inspection is seen to be conveniently connected with the dining room by means of an arch.

To enter the house from the front one can either enter the living room, or, by means of double French doors, enter the dining room without passing through the living room. Housewives, especially where children are in the home, appreciate this plan. Beautifully grained woodwork and floors make possible the finest of decorative plans. You have opportunity to confer with our Department of Service and to receive expert advice and assistance.

Notice how the well lighted and conveniently arranged kitchen is easily accessible from the dining room, while the apparently secluded bed rooms and bath are in reality within a few steps from any part of the house.

Remember our price includes everything about the foundation to complete this bungalow except the masonry for the porch piers and chimney.

The Sheridan

a sheridan

An unusually attractive exterior and a sense of roominess are features that make the Sheridan one of our most popular bungalows.

The low, sloping roof, the scrolled eaves and shingles porch and step rails, together with the siding, permit a great latitude in the decorative scheme and with the use of harmonious painting and staining materials, these features can be developed in a most pleasing manner.

The expansive porch, which extends across the entire front, is well shaded by the broad overhanging roof.

Two convenient and inviting arrangements of the several rooms are outlined below. Your attention is called to the square and good dimensions of all the rooms, especially the living room with its attractive group windows and arch leading to the dining room.

Divided square lights are furnished for upper square sash of all windows, although they will be furnished with single large glass if preferred. Sheridan No. 2, price, $1,260.00, cash discount 5%. Net price, $1,197.00

Few moderately priced bungalows offer so many real home comforts as can be found in the Sheridan.

The Standard

a standard

You will agree with Aladdin customers and owners of the Standard in their claim that “it is the best square type house ever offered to home builders.”

Greatest in amount of space, best in point of design, most convenient in arrangement, and all this at a price that is much lower than it would cost you if you were able to buy it thru any other source. Notice the architectural detain under the eaves, porch, and the dormer.

Close inspection of the illustration gives many pleasant surprises. The scrolled brackets which are especially machined for the Standard add a finished touch to the sweeping eaves. Possibly you have noticed that this has been carried out on all eaves – dormer and porch included. The broad belt is also used to advantage here.

The inside arrangement has appealed to many. Notice the vestibule entrance. This is a very useful feature in that it provides an excellent place for hanging wraps. Besides this, it is a valuable feature in cold weather.

Thru the next door we enter what might be called a reception hall and the impression is very pleasing indeed. The handsome exposed staircase can be beautifully stained and varnished and gives one an idea of the rich effect on the interior.

You find that the living room and dining room are extra large – and that will suit you – roomy and especially well lighted. The second floor has model sleeping rooms and the arrangement with bath at the head of the hallway is perfect.

You will be greatly pleased with your new home – The Standard.

The Stanhope

a stanhope

Are you not pleased with the Stanhope? Can you conceive how with straight architectural lines any more pleasing or substantial style of construction could have been worked out?

Notice what a strong yet artistic appearance is given the entire front by the heavy porch pedestals, square columns and porch rail.

How in keeping are the small lights in bungalow door and the upper divided lights in all widows. And when it comes to interior plan, it would be very difficult to work out a more convenient arrangement.

The wide arch between living and dining rooms give an appearance of one large room 14×24.

The double action door leading to a kitchen large enough, yet none too large, completes the living part of this compact, cosy home. Three well lighted, suitable sized bedrooms, equipped with a modern closette, give as much sleeping room as is frequently found in a much larger home.

In placing the bath at the end of the short hall it is sufficiently secluded, yet conveniently located. For any one desiring a six-room modern house all on one floor, the Stanhope is a great favorite.

The Thelma

a thelma

The Thelma, tiny though it may seem by current standards and having only 792 square feet, was the epitome of simplicity and functionality. It´s initial price was only $463.60 for the kit. Though small, it distinguished itself by taking the highest award at the World´s Fair.

“Home! Who loves their home more than the American family? Every day, father is looking forward to the time when he can provide a home for his loved ones—a place of comfort and enjoyment, shelter and protection.

Mother has it all planned, has everything arranged. Her highest ambition is a home and its comforts. And every mother should have a home. The children—the ruddy faced kiddies—are anxious too for the great day.

They want a home of their own and will love it and prize it as much as mother and father.

To this type of American family is dedicated the Aladdin home.

The Thelma seems to be really more than a home. It is really an additional member to the family that offers pleasure for the lonely, rest and comfort for the tired, and shelter when it’s stormy.

Study the floor plan again, imagine furniture, carpets and curtains in place, and a happy family seated comfortably in the living room or on the porch.

It would be hardly possible to get a better plan. The room arrangement is just right. Dining room, living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms – and each with plenty of light. Note that both dining and living rooms have double windows facing the front.

The delightful exterior, the interior with its coziness and the low price quoted for the complete material are your assurances of the highest satisfaction.

If you decide now, one month from today you can be living in the Thelma.”

The Villa

a villa

It is difficult to select words suitable to describe the beauties and convenience of this thoroughly modern home. While the architectural lines are strong, yet the artist has rendered them extremely pleasing to the eye.

The pergola effect at the front and each side combined with the stately columns, lends a certain dignity and grandeur that at once places The Villa in a class by itself. Like the beautiful everywhere, this house challenges the lover of the artistic and furnishes a concrete example of stateliness and strength which at the same time is an embodiment of the finest culture.

On passing through the vestibuled front entrance into the large and spacious hallway, the visitor’s attention is at once attracted by the beautiful and easily ascending stairs at the rear, and on each side by the double French doors leading either to the living room on the right or the large dining room on the left.

Without changing one’s position, there is easily visible across the living room the French doors leading to the sun parlor. This sun room extending the entire width of the house, affords by means of the casement windows a protected porch in pleasant weather or a comfortable lounging room when the elements outside so dictate.

The breakfast room, ample for a small family dining room, a butler’s pantry, and a conveniently arranged kitchen complete the first floor. On the second floor, opening off a central hall, are the owner’s room with bath and three corner bedrooms with closets.

A large, well lighted third floor furnishes, when desired, convenient space for the maid’s quarters.

The Vassar

a vassar

Have you noticed that no matter from what angle you view an Aladdin house, it presents attractive lines and a pleasing appearance?

The Vassar is certainly no exception to this rule. We wish you could walk around this attractive house to see how our designers have removed entirely the objectionable projections and unsightly additions so often found on the sides or at the rear of many houses.

Notice how all sides of this house are relieved of every monotonous appearance by the broken roof lines and the artistic selection and location of the different styles of windows. By including under the main roof of the house the back grade entrance to kitchen and cellar we have the most convenient, warm, and attractive arrangement of a very necessary, yet so often unsightly, part of every house.

Please study carefully the interior arrangements. How could they be more compact, convenient or artistic? Three large, well lighted bedrooms with large closets are nowhere evident from living or dining rooms, yet how could you have them any more conveniently located?

For families requiring their sleeping rooms with ample closet room, this attractive bungalow is a great favorite. Brick for piers and chimney not included in price. Siding furnished in place of wall shingles, if desired, at no additional cost.

The Wilson

a wilson

Think of it – over one thousand ALADDIN Houses are carried in stock at our Bay City Mills, ready for instant shipment. Your order is received and loaded immediately. Our mills are located in Michigan, Florida, Louisiana and Oregon. Shipment is made from the nearest mill.

No matter where you live, your house comes in a straight line from forest to you. Long distance and excessive freight rates are cut out. No hold-up on the way. In a short time after shipment is received, you move into your own home – the Wilson. You can build your own ALADDIN.

Complete instructions and illustrations are furnished with every ALADDIN House. All you do is follow the working plans and drive the nails. It means a saving of over one-third of the usual cost.

Look over the floor plan carefully. Notice the daylight rooms – at the front of the home. Sleeping rooms to the rear. When you decide on owning the Wilson, you have made a $500 saving. Note the clothes closet at the entrance vestibule. Living room is 12×14 feet and the dining room 12×12 feet.

Clean tapering porch columns support a porch roof of excellent design. The general proportions of the Wilson are splendid. And the interior woodwork and floors are all of beautifully grained knotless Fir.

Of course you receive everything to complete your home in one shipment. No expensive and annoying delays waiting for windows, doors, nails or the many items necessary in the building and finishing of a house. ALADDIN removes all these difficulties.

The Winthrop

a winthrop

Can you imagine this bungalow nestling among trees and shrubbery on your own lot? A few cobblestones are gathered from nearby fields and when blended with brown stained shingles, natural shrubbery and a setting of velvety green the observer is fascinated.

A bungalow should always be set close to the ground. When local conditions seem to make this impossible the same result can be secured by terracing close to the building.

The Winthrop is of the pure bungalow type – low, a touch of rough stones, bracketed eave supports, heavy timber work, shingles, and broken outlines.

And as the real bungalow is always compactly and conveniently arranged inside – you will agree that the Winthrop is typical. The large living room is lighted by three group windows and the fireplace at the end forms an inviting nook.

Extra length is secured to the dining room by the interesting bay window. Lots of wall space is available in the front bedroom. The centralized hall, and entrance from dining room, kitchen, bath and bedroom is a good feature. Could a bathroom be better located than this? Rear porch with space for refrigerator, and grade cellar entrance.

Can you help falling in love with this interesting bungalow?

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