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Are Victorian Houses Money Pits

Are Victorian Houses Money Pits?

The money pit question depends on your answers to the following questions. First, what kind of houses do you like? Second, do you like unique craftsmanship? Alternatively, shiny new construction waiting for its first occupant? Third, does sleeping in your turret appeal to you? Finally, do you have a flexible budget for renovations from $50 to $500 per square foot? Is a Victorian house for...

Why Do Old Houses Have Small Rooms

Why Do Old Houses Have Small Rooms? (8 Reasons)

If you’ve ever been to an old Victorian house or you just bought one, you may be puzzled by its comically small rooms. It’s too small to be a bedroom but too big to be a closet, so what is it?  Below are eight possibilities for why there is a strangely small room in the old house. Some had a purpose you may not expect. Chances are, you’ll be surprised how much times have changed! How Old...

How Long Do Most Houses Last

How Long Do Most Houses Last?

It’s not uncommon in a European city to pass by buildings that have been standing for hundreds of years, including homes or structures that were homes during most of their history. But when you go through the United States, most of our homes and buildings have rarely reached two or three hundred years old yet, let alone six to nine hundred years. What do the experts say? A house lasting two...

Where Is the Money Hidden in Old Houses

Where Is the Money Hidden in Old Houses? (9 Spots To Look)

There can be a lot of excitement that comes with buying an old house. In addition to the potential of old homes, some people have even been lucky to find hidden money! If you’re the new owner of an old house, you may be in for some surprises. As you get to work refreshing the paint and redoing the floors, you may just find a few items of value. These are some of the most common hiding places for...

How Long Does a Wooden House Last

How Long Does A Wooden House Last?

Since humans learned to use wood for construction, wooden homes have been a mainstay. Many survive for an impressive number of years. If you live in a wooden house, you might wonder how long a wooden house will last. The answer to how long a wooden house will last, as it is with many constructed wooden dwellings, depends on multiple factors. Here is a summary of how long wooden homes last,...

Is a 100 Year Old House Historic

Is a 100-Year-Old House Historic?

Do you live in a home older than 100 years? If so, you may have asked yourself whether your house qualifies as "historic."  The answer is a bit more complicated than just having an old house. So when can you call a house or other building officially “historic?” Let’s find out!  Historic Is Subjective The term historic means different things to different people. If you're going by...

What Should I Look For When Buying An Old House

What Should I Look For When Buying An Old House?

Old homes are full of charm and history. However, with history, there can sometimes come building issues. Some of these problems can be easy fixes, but others may stop you from buying the house entirely.  The exact issues you should look out for depending on your geographic area and the build date of the house. Plus, the level of maintenance put forth by previous owners makes a big...

How Long Will A 100 Year Old House Last

How Long Will A 100-Year-Old House Last?

You might be wondering whether or not to buy a 100-year-old home depending on its lifespan and how many problems it may have for you to uncover.  How long will a 100-year-old house last? What sort of structural and technical issues could an old home have? Are there any benefits to buying an older house? We will answer all of these questions below. Keep reading to find out more! So, How...

House Styles Architectures That We Love To Live In

House Styles & Architectures That We Love To Live In

The styles covered in this directory are buildings designed and built from around 1900 to today. These homes are rich in style and texture as architects look to the future with design innovations that were optimistic and influenced by international trends. At the same time, they continued to draw inspiration from the past and those traditional American styles that had become established in various...

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